Stem-loop sequence sof-MIR156

AccessionMI0001754 (change log)
DescriptionSaccharum officinarum miR156 stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000008; MIR156
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   ggu     a   --gugga          -     -        a      gccu   uu      ugaacg   g 
5'    ggaga gag       ggcugacaga agaga gugagcac cauggu    uuc  gcauga      auc a
      ||||| |||       |||||||||| ||||| |||||||| ||||||    |||  ||||||      |||  
3'    ucucu cuc       ccgacugucu ucucu cacucgug guaucg    aag  cguacu      ugg g
   --c     -   aagauug          c     u        c      ----   cu      ------   a 
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Confidence Annotation confidence: not enough data
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Mature sequence sof-miR156

Accession MIMAT0001656

21 - 


 - 40

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Evidence by similarity; MI0000654


PMID:15916721 "Identification and characterization of new plant microRNAs using EST analysis" Zhang BH, Pan XP, Wang QL, Cobb GP, Anderson TA Cell Res. 15:336-360(2005).
"Conservation and divergence of microRNA families in plants" Dezulian T, Palatnik JF, Huson DH, Weigel D (2005).