Stem-loop sequence gma-MIR398a

AccessionMI0001787 (change log)
DescriptionGlycine max miR398a stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000107; MIR398
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   ---------------        a    a               cu    ug a  gc       u 
5'                cucggagg guga ucugagaacacaagg  gguu  c cu  uauauca c
                  |||||||| |||| |||||||||||||||  ||||  | ||  ||||||| u
3'                gaguuucc cacu ggacucuuguguuuc  uuaa  g ga  auauggu a
   uacaguuguccaacc        c    -               au    gu -  --       u 
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Confidence Annotation confidence: not enough data
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Genome context
Coordinates (Glycine_max_v2.0; GCA_000004515.3) Overlapping transcripts
chr1: 7214749-7214864 [-]
Clustered miRNAs
< 10kb from gma-MIR398a
gma-MIR398achr1: 7214749-7214864 [-]
gma-MIR2119chr1: 7214478-7214613 [-]
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Mature sequence gma-miR398a

Accession MIMAT0001689

77 - 


 - 97

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Evidence by similarity; MI0001017


"Conservation and divergence of microRNA families in plants" Dezulian T, Palatnik JF, Huson DH, Weigel D (2005).