Stem-loop sequence ppe-MIR398b

AccessionMI0021665 (change log)
DescriptionPrunus persica miR398b stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000107; MIR398
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   u       ca                u   a  -u   ug -c        a   -caa  gg 
5'  ggagccc  caggggugaccugaga cac ug  aug  g  aacagcag acc    ga  g
    |||||||  |||||||||||||||| ||| ||  |||  |  |||||||| |||    ||   
3'  uuucggg  guccccgcuggacucu gug ac  uac  u  uugucguc ugg    cu  c
   c       ac                u   c  cu   gu uc        c   cuug  ac 
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Confidence Annotation confidence: not enough data
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Gao et al. identified small RNAs by sequencing in Prunus mume [1]. The reads were mapped to the Prunus persica genome. This entry represents the Prunus persica sequence, but the evidence for mature RNA expression is from Prunus mume.

Genome context
Coordinates (Prunus_persica_NCBIv2; GCA_000346465.2) Overlapping transcripts
chrG4: 19261810-19261934 [-]
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Mature sequence ppe-miR398b

Accession MIMAT0027328

95 - 


 - 115

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Evidence experimental; Illumina [1]