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9 publications mentioning cel-mir-86

Open access articles that are associated with the species Caenorhabditis elegans and mention the gene name mir-86. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Promoter regions of several intronic miRNAs show tissue-specific expression: mir-86 and mir-124 are expressed only in neuronal cells and mir-67 is expressed only in muscle cells (Table 1). [score:7]
mir-86 Ventral nerve cord (some cells), dorsal nerve cord, subset of neurons in the tail, many neurons in the nerve ring; expressed at all stages, highest expression in L2s [This study]. [score:5]
7 pair shows an opposite pattern: mir-86 is expressed exclusively in the nervous system, while the host gene is expressed in the intestine, pharynx, excretory system and somatic gonad but not in neurons. [score:5]
For mir-67, mir-82, mir-86, mir-87 and mir-124 the relative small RNA cloning frequencies are low (less than 0.2% of total miRNA reads) but detectable at all developmental stages [41] and corroborate temporal expression patterns observed in our study (Figure 2). [score:4]
Regions selected for testing included five miRNAs that were not previously studied (mir-67, mir-71, mir-86, mir-87 and mir-124) and two miRNAs (mir-58 and mir-82) for which GFP fusions were published [36] (Figure 1 and Additional file 2). [score:1]
The mir-86/Y56A3A. [score:1]
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The up-regulated miRNAs included mir-240, mir-75, mir-787, mir-62, mir-251, mir-252, mir-1821, mir-360, mir-353, mir-254, mir-229, mir-1824, mir-795, mir-1820, mir-41, and mir-4923b, while the down-regulated miRNAs included mir-4812, mir-53, mir-794, and mir-86 in C. albicans SC5314 infected nematodes (Fig. 2a,b). [score:7]
Based on fold-change analysis and statistical analysis, we identified 16 up-regulated miRNAs (mir-240, mir-75, mir-787, mir-62, mir-251, mir-252, mir-1821, mir-360, mir-353, mir-254, mir-229, mir-1824, mir-795, mir-1820, mir-41, and mir-4923b) and 4 down-regulated miRNAs (mir-4812, mir-53, mir-794, and mir-86) in nematodes infected with C. albicans SC5314 (Figs 1, 2a,b and 9, Table S2). [score:7]
After infection with C. albicans, qRT-PCR assays showed that the expression levels of mir-251, mir-360, mir-252, mir-1821, mir-254, mir-62, mir-240, and mir-75 were significantly increased, and the expression levels of mir-86 and mir-53 were significantly decreased (Fig. 2c). [score:4]
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Through this method of data analysis, we found that miR-784, miR-231, miR-86, miR-53, miR-47, and miR-34 are normally upregulated by HSF-1 during HS. [score:4]
mir-86 is strongly expressed at all developmental stages in wild-type worms, however the precise function of miR-86 is unknown. [score:4]
Induction of miR-784, miR-231, miR-86, miR-53, miR-47, and miR-34 by HSF-1 during HS is predicted to have the largest impact on the suppression of genes encoding proteins involved in the regulation of transcription and behavior, as these processes have enrichment scores of 5.49 and 4.93, respectively (S7A Fig). [score:4]
While the functions of miR-784, miR-231, miR-86, miR-53, and miR-47 are currently unknown, miR-34 encodes a microRNA that is highly conserved with orthologues in Drosophila, mouse, and human [30]. [score:1]
miR-86 0.58 miR-86 is conserved in the nematode C. briggsae. [score:1]
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Heat- stress: For the high temperature -treated samples, we selected mir-64-5p as highly expressed (163324,299 reads), mir-86-5p as intermediately expressed (6457,365 reads) and mir-794-5p as lowly expressed (636,433 reads) to validate by qPCR (Figure 4). [score:7]
mir-64-5p, mir-86-5p and mir-794-5p are stable upon heat shock, IV. [score:1]
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For example, in worms, the target sites for miR-75/79 and miR-86 are simultaneously conserved in the 3′UTRs of 16 genes (p < 10 [−9]). [score:3]
We found that, in worms, the target sites for miR-86 (UUCACUU) and miR-87/miR-233/miR-356 (UUGCUCA) are significantly clustered (p < 10 [−4]), with a median distance of 35 nt between coconserved occurrences in C. elegans. [score:3]
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Only cel-miR-86 had 1258 read counts (TPM 58.72) on day 1 but had no detectable count on day 8. In this list also, we found 29 miRNAs were exclusively expressed in eat-2(ad1116) on day 1. These observations point to the profound changes in miRNA expression during eat-2(ad1116) -mediated dietary restriction, possibly to support metabolic changes associated with the long life span. [score:5]
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9 host gene is not induced (Figure S4C) and expression of all three reference miRNAs (mir-34, mir-86 and mir-1829c) is stable in these conditions (geNorm M value <0.5, Coefficiency of variation <0.2). [score:3]
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Two algorithms namely GeNorm and NormFinder were used to assess stability of reference genes after which two most stable reference genes (mir-86-5p, mir-794-5p) were chosen for further normalization of target genes. [score:3]
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Evolutionary conservation of mir-coding gene organisation was again demonstrated by the positioning of mir-86 within the homologous host genes in H. contortus and C. elegans (Y56A3A. [score:1]
Additionally, re-analysing these using only a seed match to indicate conservation, confirms that at least mir-36, mir-86, mir-265 and mir-63 are found only in worms. [score:1]
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