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9 publications mentioning dme-mir-283

Open access articles that are associated with the species Drosophila melanogaster and mention the gene name mir-283. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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The expression profiles of dme-mir-305, dme-mir-100, dme-mir-992 and dme-mir-283 are also weakly correlated to at least one miRNA from their clusters. [score:3]
In accord with our observations, the expression profiles of dme-mir-100, dme-mir-992, dme-mir-283 and dme-mir-306 have low correlation coefficients with profiles of the corresponding miRNAs*. [score:3]
For instance, the expression profiles of dme-mir-304 and dme-mir-12 in cluster 283~12 correlate to one another (r = 0.69), but at the same time the profile of dme-mir-283 does not correlate to both dme-mir-304 (r = 0.04) and dme-mir-12 (r = 0.02). [score:3]
Dme-mir-283* correlates neither to dme-mir-283 itself (r = 0.17) nor to dme-mir-304 (r = 0.1) or dme-mir-12 (r = 0.27) (Figure 3b). [score:1]
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This is consistent with published evidence that, while expression of miRs-12 and -304 strongly correlate to one another, the expression profile of miR-283 does not correlate to either miRs-12 or -304 [34]. [score:5]
Despite being part of this cluster, miR-283 was not detected in the larval CNS (Figure 2B; Table S1). [score:1]
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Likewise, although unstable PGC transcripts are enriched for miR-1, miR-2a-2 cluster, miR-8, miR-10, miR-11, miR-13b-1 cluster, miR-92a, miR-274, and miR-283 target sites, all of these miRs are expressed in the soma but not in the PGCs [73]. [score:5]
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Two of the microRNAs, mir-283 and mir-277, were detected at very low levels in unfertilized eggs (Table S1) and have a greater expression level later on during embryonic development (Figure 1). [score:4]
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Potential Dys-regulated miRNAs are miR-956, miR-252, miR-980, miR-124, miR-970, miR-283, miR-927, miR-iab-4-5p, miR-962, miR-959, and miR-975. [score:2]
We were particularly interested in Dys signaling miRNA regulation, thus we tested the “Dys Dependent” cluster from Figure  2d: miR-956, miR-252, miR-124, miR-970, miR-283, miR-927, miR-iab-4-5p, miR-962, miR-980, miR-959, and miR-975 (Additional file 1). [score:2]
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Furthermore, the Anopheles miR-304 and the D. melanogaster miR-304 are both in a conserved miRNA cluster and both are flanked by miR-12 and miR-283, thus lending additional support for the validity of Anopheles miR-304. [score:1]
Interestingly, miR-304 is closely flanked by miR-12 and miR-283 while miR-306 is in a different cluster with miR-9b and miR-79 (Figure 3). [score:1]
gambiae and D. melanogaster, miR-304 is closely flanked by miR-12 and miR-283 while miR-306 is in a different cluster with miR-9b and miR-79 (Figure 3). [score:1]
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But the predicted 5'-ends of miR-263a, miR-274, miR-282 and miR-283 are very different with current annotations. [score:1]
MiR-133, miR-219, miR-263a, miR-274, miR-281-2*, miR-282, miR-283 and miR-310 which are also collected in miRBase without cloning evidence, are also identified. [score:1]
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Most male-biased microRNAs emerged within the Drosophila lineage, with only two exceptions: mir-993 and mir-283/304/12. [score:1]
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Other examples of clustered miRNAs or multicopy miRNAs include: novel miRNA C5152a antisense to C5152b; novel C5303 overlapping ame-mir-137; ame-mir-9b overlapping the ame-mir-79 locus, but on the opposite strand; ame-mir-12 near ame-mir-283; ame-mir-275 near ame-mir-305; ame-mir-277 near ame-mir-317 and ame-mir-34; C1504 near ame-mir-375; and ame-let-7 on the same scaffold as ame-mir-100. [score:1]
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