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5 publications mentioning dme-mir-315

Open access articles that are associated with the species Drosophila melanogaster and mention the gene name mir-315. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Lane 1: 100 bp ladder marker; Lane 2: miR-315; Lane 4: miR-1; Lane 6: miR-9a; Lane 8: PC-5p-113190_15; Lane 10: PC-3p-2743_844; Lane 12: miR-7; Lane 14: miR-8; Lane 16: miR-277; Lane 18: Let-7. The other uneven lanes were negative controls for each target miRNA. [score:3]
The relative miRNA expression, including miR-277 (B), miR-1 (C), miR-7 (D), Let-7 (E), miR-9a (F), miR-315 (G), miR-8 (H), PC-5p-113190_15 (I), and PC-3p-2743_844 (J) at two wing morph was normalized to the wingless adult. [score:3]
Orthologs of the differentially regulated S. avenae miR-1 and miR-315 were previously associated with flight behaviors. [score:2]
All the above comparisons were significant (P ≤0.036), only miR-315 showed no significant difference between the two morphs (t = −0.60, P = 0.58) (Fig. 4G). [score:1]
The RT-PCR amplified products for seven conserved miRNAs (Let-7, miR-1, miR-7, miR-277, miR-8, miR-9a and miR-315) and two novel miRNAs (PC-5p-113190_15 and PC-3p-2743_844) showed a single band in the expected size (60–100 bp) (Fig. 4A and S4). [score:1]
Specifically, miR-1 is a muscle-specific miRNA that in conjunction with miR-315 is differentially regulated in gregarious compared to solitary locusts, and although their functions remain uncertain, Wei et al. 40 hypothesized these miRNAs may affect thorax muscle and the wing functions. [score:1]
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For example, miR-315 and miR-8 regulate components of the Wg pathway, while miR-1 and miR-7 regulate N pathway components during fly development (reviewed by [136]). [score:4]
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Of note, Calla and Geib did report dme-miR-315 as a potential miRNA targeting dmfrn 24 and human mfnr1 and mfrn2 are annotated to potentially interact with at least seven miRNAs (www. [score:3]
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There can be two sub-categories delineated; miRNAs that do not change normally under stress, but do in dystrophic mutants (miR-92a and miR-34) and miRNAs that change as a normal response, but do not in Dys and Dg mutants (miR-956, miR-252, miR-970, miR-137, miR-986, miR-193, miR-1017, miR-962, miR-315, miR-1013, miR-980, miR-975, miR-190, miR-iab-4as-5p, miR-1003 and miR-313). [score:1]
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Functional screening identifies miR-315 as a potent activator of Wingless signaling. [score:1]
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