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4 publications mentioning gga-mir-205a

Open access articles that are associated with the species Gallus gallus and mention the gene name mir-205a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Significant upregulation of miR-146b-5p and its corresponding downregulation of CDK2AP1 were observed in the AS pulmonary arteries in our findings, which is consistent with Zhong et al., who reported that significant upregulation of miR-205 targeted the downregulation of CDK2AP1 in the laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma [43]. [score:15]
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MiR-205, the seventh most highly expressed miRNA, targets the lipid phosphatase SHIP2 in epithelial cells, whereas the corneal-specific miR-184 interferes with the ability of miR-205 to suppress SHIP2 levels [35]. [score:7]
From the most highly expressed miRNAs, we found miR-10b and miR-205a were also found to be differentially expressed at the eighth embryonic day in chicken, which targeted genes ALDH1A3 and GALGA_5AKI_KRT19, respectively [10]. [score:7]
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CISH is a target of miR-21, miR-383 and miR-205a. [score:3]
To verify the RNA-Seq data, the differential expression of four miRNAs including miR-223, miR-16, miR-205a and miR-222b-5p were validated by qRT-PCR among all four comparisons (Figure 4). [score:3]
Among them, moreover, 26 miRNAs (including 10 known miRNAs of miR-122, miR-1329-3p, miR-1587, miR-1736-3p, miR-1769-3p, miR-1769-5p, miR-1773-5p, miR-205a, miR-31 and miR-375) were found in all four comparisons (Table 3). [score:1]
We found that many miRNAs have various isoforms in chicken breast muscle libraries, and some miRNAs have more than one highly abundant isoform (e. g., gga-let-7c, gga-miR-205a and gga-miR-223). [score:1]
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Furthermore, in the E11_VS_E16 contrast group, 8 miRNAs (miR-203a, miR-6561-5p, miR-460a-5p, miR-205a, miR-3536, miR-103-3p miR-205b, and miR-200b-3p) were highly regulated. [score:2]
In these three comparison groups there were at least three miRNAs (miR-205a, miR-1a-3p and miR-499-3p) that were shared equally (Figure 3B). [score:1]
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