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Open access articles that are associated with the species Homo sapiens and mention the gene name mir-642a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Although expressed at lower levels than the highly abundant miR-30 family, two members of the miR-642 family were the most highly up-regulated miRNA in our adipogenesis mo del. [score:6]
The expression profile of the miRNAs that were strongly up-regulated during adipogenesis (miR-642a-3p, miR-378, miR-30a, miR-30b, miR-30c, miR-30d, miR-30e, and miR-193b) was validated by quantitative PCR (qPCR; Additional file 4). [score:6]
The expression patterns of miRNAs that were previously reported in adipocytes or their precursors are in agreement with published data, as summarized in Additional file 3. However, the adipogenesis -dependent regulation of many of the differentially expressed miRNAs we identified has never been described before; these include miR-642a-3p, miR-345, miR-193b, miR-29c, miR-664, miR-10b, miR-136, miR-22*, miR-181a, miR-154*, let-7a, let-7b and let-7c. [score:6]
This is consistent with an up-regulation of miR-642a, assuming that miR-642a and GIPR share the same promoter. [score:4]
Of interest, in a recent study identifying the association of miR-519b with human obesity, Martinelli and co-workers [31] also detected that miR-642a was up-regulated in 19 out of 20 fat depots of obese subjects. [score:4]
Up-regulation of miR-642a-3p, miR-378/378* and miR-30 miRNAs suggests their contribution to adipogenesis. [score:4]
In our data, no reads corresponding to miR-642a were detected for undifferentiated cells, indicating highly adipogenic-restricted expression. [score:3]
In particular, for miRNAs with highly tissue-specific expression, such as miR-642a, the low numbers of reads backing the mirBase entries might lead to incorrect annotations. [score:3]
For identification of differentially expressed miRNAs, only miR-642a-3p reached significance since the cloning frequency of miR-642a-5p was under the threshold of 0.03% that we defined. [score:3]
miR-642a-3p, with a 7.32-fold induction during adipogenic differentiation, was the most highly and significantly (P-value = 4.67.10 [-7]) regulated miRNA in our dataset (Table 1 and Figure 2a). [score:2]
We identified several annotated, but also previously unknown, small RNAs that are regulated during adipogenesis, such as miR-642a-3p. [score:2]
Altogether, these data suggest that miR-642a might be linked to adipose tissue development. [score:2]
The current mirBase release (release 17) includes two miR-642 entries: miR-642a (miR-642a-5p), which was detected at one copy in a unique, high-throughput sequencing experiment; and miR-642b, which is backed by an unknown number of reads. [score:1]
We also verified the quality of miR-642a-3p sequencing. [score:1]
This approach revealed the un-annotated miR-642a-3p as a highly adipocyte-specific miRNA. [score:1]
Light grey shading highlights miR-642-5p (bases in orange) and miR-642-3p (bases in blue). [score:1]
Figure S6 in Additional file 9 shows that the positions allowing discrimination of miR-642-3p from miR-642b correspond to high quality values. [score:1]
In our dataset, both miR-642a-5p and-3p were induced during differentiation, but miR-642a-3p had a higher relative abundance than miR-642a-5p (Figure 3). [score:1]
Genome-browser representation of reads matching (a) miR-642a and (b) miR-378. [score:1]
While we also detected miR-642b, this sequence was much less (14-fold) abundant than miR-642a-3p. [score:1]
Yet, until recently (September 2010), only miR-642a-5p was present in mirBase release 15 (named miR-642 in release 15) and, thus, detectable on commercial microarrays. [score:1]
Of note, miR-642a-3p is not annotated in mirBase 16; only miR-642a-5p has been reported before. [score:1]
Table S4: miR-642 raw read numbers. [score:1]
As shown in Additional file 8, miR-642b is, in fact, located on the opposite strand to miR-642a. [score:1]
These values suggest that the corresponding reads were correctly assigned to miR-642-3p. [score:1]
miR-642a-3p and miR-642b sequences are, in fact, quite similar and only diverge by one base in their 3' end. [score:1]
Figure 3 Abundance of each base along the miR-642a pre-miR. [score:1]
AD8, adipogenesis day 8. Figure S6: Quality values according to base position along miR-642-3p reads. [score:1]
Table S3: miR-642 family identifiers, genomic coordinates and mature sequences. [score:1]
Interestingly, both miR-642a-3p and miR-642a-5p were undetectable in undifferentiated hMADS cells, suggesting a high specificity for adipocytes. [score:1]
Bases that allow discrimination between miR-642-3p and miR-642b are highlighted in blue and indicated by arrows. [score:1]
Amongst both miR-642a isoforms, only miR-642a-3p was above the 0.03% threshold in our mo del. [score:1]
To support this hypothesis, we counted the reads attributed to each miR-642 species within the raw read files. [score:1]
miR-642a is positioned on chromosome 19, in intron 7 of the GIPR (glucose -dependent insulinotropic polypeptide receptor) gene (Additional file 5). [score:1]
In our dataset, the few reads that were attributed to miR-642b could, in fact, correspond to miR-642a-3p reads bearing sequencing errors. [score:1]
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Overall, 18 miRNAs were differentially expressed; 5 miRNAs were found up-regulated in the group of patients that are in complete remission when compared to the relapsed or the control groups; miR-3681 (A), miR-601 (B), miR-642a (C), miR-136 (D) and miR-26b (E). [score:5]
Specifically, 2 miRNAs; miR-720a and miR-891a were down-regulated and 6 miRNAs; miR320e, miR-3681, miR-601, miR-642a, miR-136 and miR-26b were overexpressed in the patient cohort when compared to the control group. [score:5]
The expression profiles initially obtained for miR-320e and miR-642a were not validated with meta-analyses. [score:3]
In addition, the oncogenic properties initially detected for miR-642a and miR-320e were not confirmed with meta-analyses suggesting tumor suppressor activities. [score:3]
Following meta-analysis, miR-122, miR-3162 and miR-642a were found to be significantly different between RE and CR samples in the log [2], ratio transformed expression values. [score:3]
Based on the current findings, 8 miRNAs; miR-3681, miR-601, miR-320e, miR-34a, miR-642a, miR-136, miR-26b and miR-192 were found overexpressed in the patient group. [score:3]
In particular, miR-3681 (A), miR-642a (B), miR-26b (C), miR-136 (D) and miR-320e (E) were increased in alive samples as well as manifested linear regression with respect to expression moving from alive samples to controls. [score:3]
Of note, the oncogenic property of miR-642a as detected following the initial analysis, was not confirmed by meta-analysis (Table  1). [score:1]
MiR-3162 and miR-642a were also found to be significantly different in associations between RE and CR samples. [score:1]
In total, 8 miRNAs were associated with patients’ clinical outcome; miR-3681, miR-601, miR-320e, miR-642a, miR-720, miR-891a, miR-136 and miR-26. [score:1]
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For comprehensiveness, it should also be noted that analysis of the data for gender -driven differences showed that there is a significantly higher expression of hsa-miR-10b and hsa-miR-642 in males compared to females. [score:2]
This analysis included miR-184, miR-548a-5p, miR-574-3p, miR-616, miR-1233, miR-642, miR-140-3p, miR-517b, miR-10b and miR-380-3p (Figure  3, Tables  3 and 4 and Additional file 3: Table S3). [score:1]
Based on the analysis of hsa-miR-642, the population of 100 healthy subjects clearly can be separated in 2 groups, one with relatively high levels of hsa-miR-642 and one with low or undetectable levels of hsa-miR-642. [score:1]
As it has been shown that hsa-miR-642 is an adipocyte-specific miRNA, it will be of interest to see whether this hsa-miR-642 based clustering is linked to specific metabolic parameters, such as Body Mass Index or blood cholesterol and fatty acids levels, or insulin resistance [38]. [score:1]
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Indeed, although CTNNA2 can be regulated by primate-specific miRNAs common to both monkeys and humans (miR-513a-3p, miR-518a-5p, miR-548a-5p, miR-576-5p, miR-586, miR-607, miR-625, miR-642), a number of miRNAs present in Homo sapiens but not in Macaca mulatta (miR-1208, miR-1247, miR-1290, miR-1324, miR-1825, miR-613 and miR-634) also target CTNNA2 [19], [29]. [score:4]
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Epis M. R. Giles K. M. Kalinowski F. C. Barker A. Cohen R. J. Leedman P. J. Regulation of expression of deoxyhypusine hydroxylase (DOHH), the enzyme that catalyzes the activation of eIF5A, by miR-331–3p and miR-642–5p in prostate cancer cell J. Biol. [score:4]
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A recent study suggests that overexpression of linc00974 can interact with hsa-miR-642a-5p as a ceRNA, leading to the increase of KRT19 and subsequent activation of Notch and TGF-β signaling pathways, to increase proliferation and invasion of HCC [68]. [score:3]
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Zaragosi LE Wdziekonski B Brigand KL Villageois P Mari B Waldmann R Small RNA sequencing reveals miR-642a-3p as a novel adipocyte-specific microRNA and miR-30 as a key regulator of human adipogenesisGenome Biol. [score:2]
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01 Down 4.40E-07 hsa-miR-4488 5.95 Up 4.10E-35 hsa-miR-1269b −6.74 Down 3.15E-06 hsa-miR-296-5p 5.84 Up 3.88E-78 hsa-miR-3674 −6.74 Down 3.16E-06 hsa-miR-4454 5.19 Up 3.07E-85 hsa-miR-3910 −6.74 Down 3.17E-06 hsa-miR-4687-3p 4.37 Up 8.32E-26 hsa-miR-642a-3p −6.74 Down 5.10E-32 hsa-miR-3654 3.38 Up 1.21E-25 hsa-miR-486-5p −6.46 Down 2.81E-100 hsa-miR-577 2.94 Up 8.64E-05 hsa-miR-203 −6.30 Down 3.19E-89 hsa-miR-4508 2.9 Up 5.94E-06 hsa-miR-1277-3p −6.16 Down 3.01E-41 hsa-miR-3687 2.49 Up 2.04E-05 hsa-miR-1277-5p −5. [score:1]
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It was then discovered that Linc00974 acts a sponge for miR-642 that has been shown to repress KRT19 levels. [score:1]
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