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6 publications mentioning bmo-mir-71

Open access articles that are associated with the species Bombyx mori and mention the gene name mir-71. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Interestingly, the expression levels of miR-16 and mir-17 are at negligible levels while sfr-mir-71-3p showed a moderate change in its expression when compared to sfr-mir-305-5p. [score:4]
The analysis revealed that, some of the known miRs (sfr-mir-305-5p, sfr-mir-307-3p) are expressed in a wide range of insect species (A. gambie, Culex sp, A. aegypti, A. mellifera, B. mori, T. castenum, D. melanogaster) while some (sfr-mir-71-3p) are restricted to a few (A. aegypti, B. mori, T. castenum). [score:3]
All the miRs, except sfr-mir-71-3p, increased in their expression levels during 3 [rd] instar. [score:3]
Interestingly, expression levels of sfr-mir-71-3p are significantly lower during all stages except during the 3 [rd] instar. [score:3]
The miRs (sfr-mir-305-5p, sfr-mir-307-3p, sfr-mir-71-3p, sfr-mir-281, sfr-mir-317, sfr-mir-2756, sfr-mir-932, sfr-mir-184-3p, sfr-mir-2766, Novel_miR15, Novel_miR16, and Novel_miR17) were easily detectable in total RNA isolated from Sf21 cells (Fig. 4). [score:1]
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Bmo-miR-31, bmo-miR-71, and bmo-miR-77 displayed a very similar expression pattern, higher expression at NLS (pā€Š=ā€Š0.027, 0.035 and 0.0064, respectively); bmo-miR-31 and bmo-miR-77 are also expressed at a higher level at MLS than at other stages (pā€Š=ā€Š0.019 and 0.0082, respectively). [score:7]
We also found several miRNA*s, such as bmo-miR-263a* in bluish egg (BS), bmo-miR-71* in spinning larva (SS) and pre-pupa (PPS), which providing solid evidence for Dicer-like processing [55], [56], [57], as it was reported that miRNA*s can also be functional [43], [58], [59]. [score:1]
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bmo-miR-279 and other mir-279 precursor sequences have sequence similarities of >55%; bmo-miR-277 precursors share >56% sequence similarity; bmo-miR-27 precursors share >57% sequence similarity; bmo-miR-71 precursors share >59% sequence similarity; and bmo-bantam precursors share >60% sequence similarity. [score:1]
We designated these sequences bmo-miR-13a*, bmo-miR-14, bmo-miR-46, bmo-miR-46*, bmo-miR-71, bmo-miR-277 and bmo-bantam. [score:1]
Members of the bantam, mir-71, mir-275, mir-277, mir-279 miRNA families have a high degree of similarity in their precursor sequences. [score:1]
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However, the expressed levels of miRNA*, such as bmo-miR-281*, bmo-miR-2766*, bmo-miR-316*, bmo-miR-71*, bmo-miR-965*, bmo-miR-9936*, bmo-miR-9c* and bmo-miR-2808*, were either overrepresented or in similar counts relative to their relevant miRNA counts (Table S1). [score:3]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: dme-mir-2a-1, dme-mir-2a-2, dme-mir-2b-1, dme-mir-2b-2, dme-mir-9a, dme-mir-10, dme-mir-12, dme-mir-13a, dme-mir-13b-1, dme-mir-13b-2, dme-mir-276a, dme-mir-133, dme-mir-276b, dme-mir-210, dme-mir-31b, dme-mir-9c, dme-mir-306, dme-mir-9b, dme-mir-31a, dme-mir-309, dme-mir-316, dme-mir-317, dme-mir-2c, ame-mir-12, ame-mir-133, ame-mir-210, ame-mir-276, ame-mir-2-1, ame-mir-2-2, ame-mir-317, ame-mir-9a, ame-mir-9b, bmo-mir-9a, bmo-mir-10, bmo-mir-276, bmo-mir-31, ame-mir-10, ame-mir-137, ame-mir-13a, ame-mir-2-3, ame-mir-29b, ame-mir-31a, ame-mir-375, ame-mir-71, ame-mir-932, dme-mir-193, dme-mir-375, dme-mir-932, dme-mir-970, dme-mir-971, dme-mir-989, dme-mir-137, dme-mir-1006, dme-mir-1007, bmo-mir-2a-1, bmo-mir-2a-2, bmo-mir-2b, bmo-mir-13a, bmo-mir-13b, bmo-mir-133, bmo-mir-210, bmo-mir-317, tca-mir-2-3, tca-mir-2-1, tca-mir-2-2, tca-mir-10, tca-mir-12, tca-mir-13a, tca-mir-13b, tca-mir-31, tca-mir-71, tca-mir-133, tca-mir-137, tca-mir-210, tca-mir-276, tca-mir-317, tca-mir-932, tca-mir-9b, bmo-mir-12, bmo-mir-137, bmo-mir-932, bmo-mir-9b, tca-mir-9a, tca-mir-970, ame-mir-13b, ame-mir-1006, ame-mir-316, bmo-mir-970, lmi-mir-276, lmi-mir-210, lmi-mir-10, lmi-mir-9a, bmo-mir-9c, bmo-mir-306a, bmo-mir-989a, bmo-mir-316, bmo-mir-1175, bmo-mir-9d, bmo-mir-750, bmo-mir-375, bmo-mir-306b, api-mir-137, api-mir-10, api-mir-276, api-mir-13a, api-mir-210, api-mir-29, api-mir-2a, api-mir-2b, api-mir-2c, api-mir-316, api-mir-317, api-mir-71, api-mir-971, api-mir-9a, api-mir-9b, api-mir-306, api-mir-3049, bmo-mir-989b, ame-mir-1175, ame-mir-193, ame-mir-989, ame-mir-3049, ame-mir-971, ame-mir-3770, ame-mir-9c, ame-mir-306, ame-mir-750, tca-mir-9c, tca-mir-316, tca-mir-9d, tca-mir-309a, tca-mir-3049, tca-mir-375, tca-mir-29, tca-mir-1175, tca-mir-750, tca-mir-989, tca-mir-309b, tca-mir-193, tca-mir-6012, tca-mir-9e, ame-mir-6037, ame-mir-6012, ame-mir-2b, tca-mir-309c, tca-mir-971b
Transposable elements could be one of the sources of the miRNA cluster expansions as we observed on B. germanica Mir-71/Mir-2 cluster. [score:1]
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It includes miR-1, the entire family of miR-2, the miR-9 family (miR-9 and miR-9b), the let-7 family (let-7a, let-7j), miR-10b, miR-31, miR-71, miR-79, miR-87, miR-98, miR-100, miR-252, miR-263a, miR-275, miR-279, miR-317 and miR-1274b (Table 3 and Figure 4a). [score:1]
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