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Open access articles that are associated with the species Mus musculus and mention the gene name mir-879. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Other miRNAs from this paper: mmu-mir-15b, mmu-mir-144, mmu-mir-582
[78] Our study shows that chronic stress via corticosterone upregulates the levels of miRNA-15b-5p, miRNA-144-3p, miRNA-582-5p and miRNA-879-5p as well as downregulates the expression of GAD-67, VGAT and GAT-3 genes and proteins, which impair presynaptic GABA release and uptake. [score:9]
Taken together, our data suggest that GTA-3 is directly targeted by miR-15b-5p and miRNA-879-5p, VGAT is targeted by miRNA-144-3p and miRNA-582-5p, as well as GAD1 is targeted by miRNA-144-3p. [score:8]
In addition, miRNA-15b-5p, miRNA-144-3p, miRNA-582-5p and miRNA-879-5p, which downregulate mRNAs of GAD1, VGAT and GAT-3, respectively, are upregulated (Figures 4 and 5). [score:7]
Thus, CUMS -induced depression is likely caused by a chain reaction of the stress, the upregulated miRNA-15b-5p, miRNA-144-3p, miRNA-582-5p and miRNA-879-5p, the downregulated mRNAs that encode GAD-67, VGAT and GAT-3 as well as the impaired GABA uptake and synthesis (Figure 6). [score:7]
These results suggest that CUMS -induced depression may be caused by the following molecular cascades, the upregulation of miRNA-15b-5p, miRNA-144-3p, miRNA-582-5p and miRNA-879-5p, the downregulation of mRNAs that encode GAD-67, VGAT and GAT-3 as well as the impairment of GABA synthesis, reuptake and release. [score:7]
These results suggest that GAT-3 mRNA is a target of miR-15b-5p and miRNA-879-5p, but not a target of miRNA-144-3p (Figure 5c). [score:5]
GAD1, GAT-3 and VGAT are the direct targets of miRNA-15b-5p, miRNA-144-3p, miRNA-582-5p and miRNA-879-5p. [score:4]
The suppressions are reversed by mutating the binding sites of miRNA-15b-5p and miRNA-879-5p (Figure 5a, b). [score:3]
3′UTRs of GAT-3 (one area) are targeted by miRNA-879-5p (please refer to Supplementary Table 3). [score:3]
The data suggest that VGAT mRNA is a target of miR-15b-5p and miRNA-879-5p. [score:3]
After adding miRNA mimics or their negative controls, the relative activity of luciferase reporter for the 3′-UTR of GAT-3 mRNA is significantly lowered by miRNA-15b-5p (Figure 5a) or miRNA-879-5p (Figure 5b) mimics. [score:1]
60, 61, 62, 63 In terms of the changes of miRNAs, we paid attention to analyzing miRNA-15b-5p, miRNA-144-3p, miRNA-582-5p and miRNA-879-5p with high-throughput sequencings and qRT-PCR. [score:1]
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These results suggest that GAT-3 mRNA is the direct target of miR-15b-5p and miRNA-879-5p, which grants our bioinformatics analyses for the prediction of miRNA target genes. [score:6]
Through sequencing miRNAs for their quantifications, we show that some known miRNAs (miR-148b-5p, miR-879-5p, miR-144-3p, miR-540-5p, miR-582-5p, miR-15b-5p, miR-210-5p, miR-871-3p, miR-3103-5p, miR-16-1-3p, miR-470-5p, miR-190b-5p, miR-384-5p and miR-490-5p) are upregulated in CUMS -induced depression mice (Table 3), which degrade mRNAs listed in Table 1. In other words, the analysis from miRNA sequencing is consistent to the analysis from mRNA sequencing. [score:4]
In order to validate the finding by miRNA sequencing analysis, four upregulated miRNAs (mmu-miR-879-5p, mmu-miR-582-5p, mmu-miR-144-3p, mmu-miR-15b-5p) were selected for doing qRT-PCR. [score:4]
These upregulated miRNAs include certain known miRNAs (mmu-miR-148b-5p, mmu-miR-879-5p, mmu-miR-144-3p, mmu-miR-540-5p, mmu-miR-582-5p, mmu-miR-15b-5p, mmu-miR-210-5p, mmu-miR-871-3p, mmu-miR-3103-5p, mmu-miR-16-1-3p, mmu-miR-470-5p, mmu-miR-190b-5p, mmu-miR-384-5p and mmu-miR-490-5p), as well as some novel miRNAs (novel_mir_46, novel_mir_214 and novel_mir_213) with their stem loop structures by Miredp (S3 Fig). [score:4]
GAT-3 mRNA is the targets of miRNA-15b-5p and miRNA-879-5p. [score:3]
To validate the silico prediction (Tables 4 and 5), we selected miRNA-15b-5p and miRNA-879-5p to examine whether they targeted GAT3 by qRT-PCR and dual luciferase reporter assay. [score:2]
After miRNAs mimics or their negative controls are applied, the relative activities of luciferase reporter for the 3′-UTR of GAT-3 mRNA are significantly lowered by the mimics of miRNA-15b-5p (S5C Fig) or miRNA-879-5p (S5D Fig), which are reversed by mutating the binding sites of miRNA-15b-5p and miRNA-879-5p (S5C and S5D Fig). [score:1]
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To validate the up- and downregulated miRNAs identified in the Solexa sequencing, 6 upregulated (mmu-miR-146a-5p, mmu-miR-341-3p, mmu-miR-879-5p, mmu-miR-3470a, mmu-miR-3473a and mmu-miR-3473b) and six downregulated miRNAs (mmu-miR-96-5p, mmu-miR-141-3p, mmu-miR-182-5p, mmu-miR-200a-3p, mmu-miR-200b-3p and mmu-miR-200b-5p), as well as two novel miRNAs (novel-mir-2 and novel-mir-20), were selected. [score:10]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: hsa-let-7a-1, hsa-let-7a-2, hsa-let-7a-3, hsa-let-7b, hsa-let-7c, hsa-let-7d, hsa-let-7e, hsa-let-7f-1, hsa-let-7f-2, hsa-mir-15a, hsa-mir-26b, hsa-mir-29a, hsa-mir-30a, hsa-mir-29b-1, hsa-mir-29b-2, hsa-mir-106a, mmu-let-7g, mmu-let-7i, mmu-mir-15b, mmu-mir-29b-1, mmu-mir-30a, mmu-mir-30b, mmu-mir-125a, mmu-mir-125b-2, mmu-mir-130a, mmu-mir-138-2, mmu-mir-181a-2, mmu-mir-182, hsa-mir-30c-2, hsa-mir-30d, mmu-mir-30e, hsa-mir-10a, hsa-mir-34a, hsa-mir-181a-2, hsa-mir-181b-1, hsa-mir-181c, hsa-mir-182, hsa-mir-181a-1, mmu-mir-297a-1, mmu-mir-297a-2, mmu-mir-301a, mmu-mir-34c, mmu-mir-34b, mmu-let-7d, mmu-mir-106a, mmu-mir-106b, hsa-let-7g, hsa-let-7i, hsa-mir-15b, hsa-mir-30b, hsa-mir-125b-1, hsa-mir-130a, hsa-mir-138-2, hsa-mir-125a, hsa-mir-125b-2, hsa-mir-138-1, mmu-mir-30c-1, mmu-mir-30c-2, mmu-mir-30d, mmu-let-7a-1, mmu-let-7a-2, mmu-let-7b, mmu-let-7c-1, mmu-let-7c-2, mmu-let-7e, mmu-let-7f-1, mmu-let-7f-2, mmu-mir-15a, mmu-mir-26b, mmu-mir-29a, mmu-mir-29c, mmu-mir-34a, rno-mir-301a, rno-let-7d, rno-mir-344a-1, mmu-mir-344-1, rno-mir-346, mmu-mir-346, rno-mir-352, hsa-mir-181b-2, mmu-mir-10a, mmu-mir-181a-1, mmu-mir-29b-2, mmu-mir-138-1, mmu-mir-181b-1, mmu-mir-181c, mmu-mir-125b-1, hsa-mir-106b, hsa-mir-29c, hsa-mir-30c-1, hsa-mir-34b, hsa-mir-34c, hsa-mir-301a, hsa-mir-30e, hsa-mir-362, mmu-mir-362, hsa-mir-369, hsa-mir-374a, mmu-mir-181b-2, hsa-mir-346, rno-let-7a-1, rno-let-7a-2, rno-let-7b, rno-let-7c-1, rno-let-7c-2, rno-let-7e, rno-let-7f-1, rno-let-7f-2, rno-let-7i, rno-mir-10a, rno-mir-15b, rno-mir-26b, rno-mir-29b-2, rno-mir-29a, rno-mir-29b-1, rno-mir-29c-1, rno-mir-30c-1, rno-mir-30e, rno-mir-30b, rno-mir-30d, rno-mir-30a, rno-mir-30c-2, rno-mir-34b, rno-mir-34c, rno-mir-34a, rno-mir-106b, rno-mir-125a, rno-mir-125b-1, rno-mir-125b-2, rno-mir-130a, rno-mir-138-2, rno-mir-138-1, rno-mir-181c, rno-mir-181a-2, rno-mir-181b-1, rno-mir-181b-2, rno-mir-181a-1, hsa-mir-449a, mmu-mir-449a, rno-mir-449a, mmu-mir-463, mmu-mir-466a, hsa-mir-483, hsa-mir-493, hsa-mir-181d, hsa-mir-499a, hsa-mir-504, mmu-mir-483, rno-mir-483, mmu-mir-369, rno-mir-493, rno-mir-369, rno-mir-374, hsa-mir-579, hsa-mir-582, hsa-mir-615, hsa-mir-652, hsa-mir-449b, rno-mir-499, hsa-mir-767, hsa-mir-449c, hsa-mir-762, mmu-mir-301b, mmu-mir-374b, mmu-mir-762, mmu-mir-344d-3, mmu-mir-344d-1, mmu-mir-673, mmu-mir-344d-2, mmu-mir-449c, mmu-mir-692-1, mmu-mir-692-2, mmu-mir-669b, mmu-mir-499, mmu-mir-652, mmu-mir-615, mmu-mir-804, mmu-mir-181d, mmu-mir-297a-3, mmu-mir-297a-4, mmu-mir-344-2, mmu-mir-466b-1, mmu-mir-466b-2, mmu-mir-466b-3, mmu-mir-466c-1, mmu-mir-466e, mmu-mir-466f-1, mmu-mir-466f-2, mmu-mir-466f-3, mmu-mir-466g, mmu-mir-466h, mmu-mir-493, mmu-mir-504, mmu-mir-466d, mmu-mir-449b, hsa-mir-374b, hsa-mir-301b, rno-mir-466b-1, rno-mir-466b-2, rno-mir-466c, rno-mir-879, mmu-mir-582, rno-mir-181d, rno-mir-182, rno-mir-301b, rno-mir-463, rno-mir-673, rno-mir-652, mmu-mir-466l, mmu-mir-669k, mmu-mir-466i, mmu-mir-669i, mmu-mir-669h, mmu-mir-466f-4, mmu-mir-466k, mmu-mir-466j, mmu-mir-1193, mmu-mir-767, rno-mir-362, rno-mir-504, rno-mir-582, rno-mir-615, mmu-mir-3080, mmu-mir-466m, mmu-mir-466o, mmu-mir-466c-2, mmu-mir-466b-4, mmu-mir-466b-5, mmu-mir-466b-6, mmu-mir-466b-7, mmu-mir-466p, mmu-mir-466n, mmu-mir-344e, mmu-mir-344b, mmu-mir-344c, mmu-mir-344g, mmu-mir-344f, mmu-mir-374c, mmu-mir-466b-8, hsa-mir-466, hsa-mir-1193, rno-mir-449c, rno-mir-344b-2, rno-mir-466d, rno-mir-344a-2, rno-mir-1193, rno-mir-344b-1, hsa-mir-374c, hsa-mir-499b, mmu-mir-466q, mmu-mir-344h-1, mmu-mir-344h-2, mmu-mir-344i, rno-mir-344i, rno-mir-344g, mmu-let-7j, mmu-mir-30f, mmu-let-7k, mmu-mir-692-3, rno-let-7g, rno-mir-15a, rno-mir-762, mmu-mir-466c-3, rno-mir-29c-2, rno-mir-29b-3, rno-mir-344b-3, rno-mir-466b-3, rno-mir-466b-4
8 NA miR-673 ↑2.1 NA miR-692 ↑2.1 NA miR-762 ↑2.2Proliferation [94] miR-767 ↓2.3DNA methylation [95]miR-804 [§] ↓2.0Proliferation, Ras inhibition, Intercellular adhesion (Cx43) [6] miR-879 ↑2.2 NA miR-1193 ↑2.1 NA miR-3080 ↑3.5 ↓2.9 NA The numbers indicate the ratio of miRNA expression (fold-variation) between mice bearing either microadenomas and/or adenomas and lesions-free mice NA, not available. [score:5]
-673, miR-692, and miR-879) and 4 were downregulated (miR-106a, miR-181a, miR-369, and miR-669k). [score:4]
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Meanwhile, mmu-miR-708 and mmu-miR-879 were significantly upregulated (fold change ≥ 2 and p value < 0.05) (Table 1, Figure 3). [score:4]
The six miRNAs, including mmu-miR-615, mmu-miR-124, mmu-miR-376b, mmu-let-7e, mmu-miR-708, and mmu-miR-879 had a total of 349 validated target genes in the miRWalk database (Table 2). [score:3]
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