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4 publications mentioning ame-mir-283

Open access articles that are associated with the species Apis mellifera and mention the gene name mir-283. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Seven of these miRNAs (miR-12, miR-263, miR-263b, miR-277, miR-283, miR-31a and miR-3), all having lower concentrations in royal jelly, were predicted to target 3 juvenile hormone related genes (GenBank: XM_001119986.1, XM_001121814.1, and XM_396819.3). [score:3]
Feeding with miR-283 shortened wing length (F [2,62] = 2.833, p = 0.0665, One-way ANOVA; p = 0.0496, Tukey's test) and reduced wing area (F [2,62] = 5.832, p = 0.0048, One-way ANOVA; p = 0.0065, Tukey's test) significantly. [score:1]
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Many of the miRNAs affected by EcR knockdown in honeybees (let-7, miR-1, miR-9a, miR-12, miR-14, miR-34, miR-79, miR-92b, miR-124, miR-184, miR-210, miR-219, miR-263a, miR-276, miR-279, miR-283, miR-305, miR-306, miR-316, miR-317) have previously been reported as putatively involved in the regulation of D. melanogaster immune genes, particularly those belonging to the JNK, Imd and Toll signaling pathways (Fullaondo and Lee, 2012). [score:3]
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Consistent with Guo [15], we also found ame-mir-263, ame-mir-277, and ame-mir-283 in the two types of RJ. [score:1]
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Other examples of clustered miRNAs or multicopy miRNAs include: novel miRNA C5152a antisense to C5152b; novel C5303 overlapping ame-mir-137; ame-mir-9b overlapping the ame-mir-79 locus, but on the opposite strand; ame-mir-12 near ame-mir-283; ame-mir-275 near ame-mir-305; ame-mir-277 near ame-mir-317 and ame-mir-34; C1504 near ame-mir-375; and ame-let-7 on the same scaffold as ame-mir-100. [score:1]
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