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3 publications mentioning dme-mir-992

Open access articles that are associated with the species Drosophila melanogaster and mention the gene name mir-992. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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In accord with our observations, the expression profiles of dme-mir-100, dme-mir-992, dme-mir-283 and dme-mir-306 have low correlation coefficients with profiles of the corresponding miRNAs*. [score:3]
The expression profiles of dme-mir-305, dme-mir-100, dme-mir-992 and dme-mir-283 are also weakly correlated to at least one miRNA from their clusters. [score:3]
The only exception is the 991~992 cluster where dme-mir-992* can be considered as a target of post-transcriptional regulation (Figure 3e). [score:3]
In contrast to dme-mir-991*, the expression profile of dme-mir-992* does not correlate to the profiles of dme-mir-991 and dme-mir-992. [score:3]
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Some of these unique insertions include developmentally important genes, such as NK7.1, ptip, Tom7, mir-992/Nnf1a, CG7149, CadN, CG31145, Meltrin, nemo, CG3092/yip3, rdx, W, and bsg (intergenic). [score:2]
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The ten miRNAs emerged between 4 and 30 Myrs ago are miR-972, miR-978 and miR-2499 from the miR-972s cluster, miR-303, miR-982 and miR-983-1 from the miR-982s cluster, miR-992 and miR-2498 from the miR-310s cluster, miR-1001 and miR-2494. [score:1]
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