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Therefore, tae-miR2275-3p that targets CAF1 and tae-miR1127a that targets SMARCA3L3, might be relative to the regulation of chromatin integrity in wheat. [score:6]
SMARCA3L3 was the only target belonging to the cleavage sites classified for category = 0 (Fig.   7a) from all of the 14 genes targeted by tae-miR1127a (Additional file  16: Table S11). [score:5]
Noteworthy, the expression levels of SMARCA3L3 was negatively correlated with that of tae-miR1127a, which was significantly downregulated in SL1 compared with NN1 at MMC stage (Fig. 7c). [score:5]
In addition, only the expression levels of SMARCA3L3 and CAF1 were negatively correlated with expression levels of tae-miR1127a and tae-miR2275-3p between SL-B and NN-B plants, respectively (Fig.   8). [score:5]
c The relative expression of selected targets from degradome data for several key miRNAs, CAF1 of tae-miR2275-3p, SMARCA3L3 of tae-miR1127a, XBP2 and EME1 of tae-miR1122c-3p, CYCA3;2 of tae-miR1122b-3p, MTHFR of tae-miR1122a, RPL23 of tae-miR9675-3p and DME of tae-miR9679–5p. [score:5]
Here, we also identified a new member of SWI/SNF factors SWI/SNF-related matrix -associated actin -dependent regulator of chromatin subfamily A, member 3-like 3 (SMARCA3L3) targeted by tae-miR1127a, whose function might be involved in faithful progression of meiosis in male reproductive cells. [score:4]
The miRNA-target interactions of tae-miR2275-CAF1 and tae-miR1127a-SMARCA3L3 might be involved in regulating male fertility in 337S. [score:4]
Error bars indicated s. d. based on three biological replicates (** P < 0.01, Student’s t-test)To further determine which miRNA-target interaction of tae-miR2275-CAF1, tae-miR1127a-SMARCA3L3, tae-miR1122c-XPB2, tae-miR1122c-EME1, tae-miR1122b-CYCA3;2, tae-miR9679-DME or tae-miR1122a-MTHFR is the vital and dominant determiner for regulating male sterility in 337S. [score:4]
The miRNA-target interactions of tae-miR2275-CAF1 and tae-miR1127a-SMARCA3L3 might be required for regulating the progress of meiosis in male reproductive cells. [score:4]
The miRNA-target interactions of tae-miR1122a-MTHFR, tae-miR1122b-CYCA3;2, tae-miR1122c-XPB2, tae-miR1122c-EME1, tae-miR1127a-SMARCA3L3, tae-miR2275-CAF1 and tae-miR9679-DME are required for regulating male sterility in 337S at SL condition. [score:4]
Error bars indicated s. d. based on three biological replicates (** P < 0.01, Student’s t-test) To further determine which miRNA-target interaction of tae-miR2275-CAF1, tae-miR1127a-SMARCA3L3, tae-miR1122c-XPB2, tae-miR1122c-EME1, tae-miR1122b-CYCA3;2, tae-miR9679-DME or tae-miR1122a-MTHFR is the vital and dominant determiner for regulating male sterility in 337S. [score:4]
Only one pair tae-miR1127a-SMARCA3L3 showed significant difference in both microRNAs and targets between SL-B and NN-B at early anther developmental stage. [score:4]
qRT-PCR showed that tae-miR1122a, tae-miR1122b-3p, tae-miR1122c-3p, tae-miR1124, tae-miR1127a, tae-miR9655-3p, tae-miR9668-5p, tae-miR9675-3p and tae-miR9679–5p were two-fold differentially expressed between SL1 and NN1, or between SL2 and NN2 (Fig.   6). [score:3]
a and b The T-plots of SMARCA3L3 and CAF1 targeted by tae-miR2275-3p and tae-miR1127a. [score:3]
Only tae-miR1122c-3p of MiR1120 family, tae-miR1122a, tae-miR1122b-3p and tae-miR1127a of MiR1122 family showed significant differentially expression between SL and NN plants. [score:3]
Further studies showed that the expression of several pivotal anther-related miRNAs was altered in 337S at SL condition, especially tae-miR1127a, which may be related to male sterility of 337S. [score:3]
Therefore, the interactions of tae-miR1127a-SMARCA3L3 and tae-miR2275-CAF1 might be involved in regulating the male reproductive development in the 337S. [score:3]
tae-miR1122a, tae-miR1122b-3p, tae-miR1122c-3p and tae-miR1127a showed significantly differentially expression at MMC stage in SL1 plants (Fig. 6). [score:3]
Therefore, the 6 candidate miRNAs tae-miR1122a, tae-miR1122b-3p, tae-miR1122c-3p, tae-miR1127a, tae-miR9675-3p, tae-miR9679–5p together with tae-miR2275-3p were selected to further dissect their functions in wheat reproductive development. [score:2]
Wheat Male sterility Meiosis miRNAs Small RNA sequencing Degradome Tae-miR1127a Tae-miR2275 The improvement of wheat (Triticum aestivum L. ) product is an important strategy to guarantee food security and solve the problem on feeding the population in China and many other countries with limited availability of cultivated land. [score:1]
MiR1122 consisted of 8 members (tae-miR1122a, tae-miR1122b-3p, tae-miR1127a, tae-miR1127b-3p, tae-miR1128, tae-miR1133, tae-miR1135 and tae-miR1136). [score:1]
Whereas, miR1122 and miR1127 were mainly involved in response to drought stress and dehydration stress [37– 39]. [score:1]
Here, we found that tae-miR1122a, tae-miR1122b-3p, and tae-miR1127a of MiR1122 family might be effectively involved in modulating the process of meiosis. [score:1]
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Both the miR1127 and miR1436 families also targeted transcripts outside the Qss-3BL locus, including those involved in disease responses (Supplementary Table S2c). [score:5]
The miR1127 family from the Qss-3BL locus in bread wheat targeted a single transcript from the same region, pointing to a potential auto-regulatory circuit (Supplementary Table S2a); however, this family is not well characterized in plants, and its target transcript does not exhibit homology to any known plant protein, so the functional aspects of such a circuit could not be determined. [score:4]
Notably, this single transcript was involved in miRNA-target pairing with 23 unique mature miRNA isoforms from the miR1127 family, even though it did not appear among the DEGs between Choteau and Scholar under control conditions and WSS infestation. [score:3]
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Additionally, miR390, miR5071, miR2118, miR9863 and miR7757 were predicted to target the Leucine-rich Repeat Receptor-like protein kinase family (LRR) that are involved in disease resistance [53, 54], as well as miR1120, miR1127, miR1130, miR1137, miR1439, miR5049, miR5062, and miR9673 that regulated the WD domain gene for flower development and the immune system [55– 57] (Additional file 1: Table S7). [score:7]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: osa-MIR156a, osa-MIR156b, osa-MIR156c, osa-MIR156d, osa-MIR156e, osa-MIR156f, osa-MIR156g, osa-MIR156h, osa-MIR156i, osa-MIR156j, osa-MIR160a, osa-MIR160b, osa-MIR160c, osa-MIR160d, osa-MIR164a, osa-MIR164b, osa-MIR166a, osa-MIR166b, osa-MIR166c, osa-MIR166d, osa-MIR166e, osa-MIR166f, osa-MIR167a, osa-MIR167b, osa-MIR167c, osa-MIR169a, osa-MIR396a, osa-MIR396b, osa-MIR396c, osa-MIR397a, osa-MIR397b, osa-MIR398a, osa-MIR398b, osa-MIR156k, osa-MIR156l, osa-MIR159a, osa-MIR159b, osa-MIR159c, osa-MIR159d, osa-MIR159e, osa-MIR159f, osa-MIR160e, osa-MIR160f, osa-MIR164c, osa-MIR164d, osa-MIR164e, osa-MIR166k, osa-MIR166l, osa-MIR167d, osa-MIR167e, osa-MIR167f, osa-MIR167g, osa-MIR167h, osa-MIR167i, osa-MIR168a, osa-MIR168b, osa-MIR169b, osa-MIR169c, osa-MIR169d, osa-MIR169e, osa-MIR169f, osa-MIR169g, osa-MIR169h, osa-MIR169i, osa-MIR169j, osa-MIR169k, osa-MIR169l, osa-MIR169m, osa-MIR169n, osa-MIR169o, osa-MIR169p, osa-MIR169q, osa-MIR171b, osa-MIR172a, osa-MIR172b, osa-MIR172c, osa-MIR166g, osa-MIR166h, osa-MIR166i, osa-MIR172d, osa-MIR167j, osa-MIR166m, osa-MIR166j, osa-MIR164f, zma-MIR156d, zma-MIR156f, zma-MIR156g, zma-MIR156b, zma-MIR156c, zma-MIR156e, zma-MIR156a, zma-MIR156h, zma-MIR156i, zma-MIR160a, zma-MIR160c, zma-MIR160d, zma-MIR160b, zma-MIR164a, zma-MIR164d, zma-MIR164b, zma-MIR164c, zma-MIR169a, zma-MIR169b, zma-MIR167a, zma-MIR167b, zma-MIR167d, zma-MIR167c, zma-MIR160e, zma-MIR166a, zma-MIR166h, zma-MIR166e, zma-MIR166i, zma-MIR166f, zma-MIR166g, zma-MIR166b, zma-MIR166c, zma-MIR166d, zma-MIR171b, zma-MIR172a, zma-MIR172d, zma-MIR172b, zma-MIR172c, osa-MIR396e, zma-MIR396b, zma-MIR396a, zma-MIR156j, zma-MIR159a, zma-MIR159b, zma-MIR159c, zma-MIR159d, zma-MIR166k, zma-MIR166j, zma-MIR167e, zma-MIR167f, zma-MIR167g, zma-MIR167h, zma-MIR167i, zma-MIR168a, zma-MIR168b, zma-MIR169c, zma-MIR169f, zma-MIR169g, zma-MIR169h, zma-MIR169i, zma-MIR169k, zma-MIR169j, zma-MIR169d, zma-MIR169e, zma-MIR172e, zma-MIR166l, zma-MIR166m, zma-MIR156k, zma-MIR160f, tae-MIR159a, tae-MIR159b, tae-MIR160, tae-MIR164, tae-MIR167a, osa-MIR169r, osa-MIR396f, zma-MIR396c, zma-MIR396d, osa-MIR2275a, osa-MIR2275b, zma-MIR2275a, zma-MIR2275b, zma-MIR2275c, zma-MIR2275d, osa-MIR396g, osa-MIR396h, osa-MIR396d, zma-MIR156l, zma-MIR159e, zma-MIR159f, zma-MIR159g, zma-MIR159h, zma-MIR159i, zma-MIR159j, zma-MIR159k, zma-MIR160g, zma-MIR164e, zma-MIR164f, zma-MIR164g, zma-MIR164h, zma-MIR166n, zma-MIR167j, zma-MIR169l, zma-MIR169m, zma-MIR169n, zma-MIR169o, zma-MIR169p, zma-MIR169q, zma-MIR169r, zma-MIR396e, zma-MIR396f, zma-MIR396g, zma-MIR396h, zma-MIR397a, zma-MIR397b, zma-MIR398a, zma-MIR398b, hvu-MIR156a, tae-MIR156, hvu-MIR159b, hvu-MIR159a, hvu-MIR166a, tae-MIR167b, hvu-MIR168, hvu-MIR169, tae-MIR169, hvu-MIR397a, tae-MIR398, tae-MIR171b, hvu-MIR166b, hvu-MIR166c, osa-MIR2275c, osa-MIR2275d, tae-MIR1122b, tae-MIR9653a, tae-MIR9654a, tae-MIR9656, tae-MIR9657a, tae-MIR9659, tae-MIR9660, tae-MIR1127b, tae-MIR9661, tae-MIR396, tae-MIR9665, tae-MIR2275, tae-MIR9667, tae-MIR167c, tae-MIR1120b, tae-MIR397, tae-MIR1130b, tae-MIR5384, tae-MIR9675, tae-MIR1120c, tae-MIR9679, tae-MIR9657b, hvu-MIR397b, hvu-MIR156b, tae-MIR9653b
These results suggested that miR171b*, miR1127* and miR169* might be de facto miRNAs with important regulatory functions in specific tissues and developmental stages. [score:3]
The highest accumulation of miR1127* was observed in the flag leaves (106 reads), followed by the 20-d seeds (53 reads). [score:1]
However, mature miRNA sequences for miR171b*, miR1127* and miR169* were not found in any of the five tissues tested. [score:1]
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In TR39477 and TTD-22, the stress responsive lncRNAs TR_c65168_g7_i1 and TTD_c34631_g1_i1 were detected as the precursors of miR1127 which do not have any determined target in these transcriptome assemblies. [score:3]
On the other hand, in Kiziltan, the stress-responsive lncRNA, Kiz_c66393_g4_i7, was identified as the putative precursor of the two miRNAs, with 1 or 2 nt changes in mature miRNA sequences of Triticum aestivum miRNAs; miR1117 and miR1127a. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: osa-MIR160a, osa-MIR160b, osa-MIR160c, osa-MIR160d, osa-MIR167a, osa-MIR167b, osa-MIR167c, osa-MIR169a, osa-MIR395b, osa-MIR395d, osa-MIR395e, osa-MIR395g, osa-MIR395h, osa-MIR395i, osa-MIR395j, osa-MIR395k, osa-MIR395l, osa-MIR395s, osa-MIR395t, osa-MIR395c, osa-MIR395a, osa-MIR395f, osa-MIR395u, osa-MIR398a, osa-MIR398b, osa-MIR160e, osa-MIR160f, osa-MIR167d, osa-MIR167e, osa-MIR167f, osa-MIR167g, osa-MIR167h, osa-MIR167i, osa-MIR169b, osa-MIR169c, osa-MIR169d, osa-MIR169e, osa-MIR169f, osa-MIR169g, osa-MIR169h, osa-MIR169i, osa-MIR169j, osa-MIR169k, osa-MIR169l, osa-MIR169m, osa-MIR169n, osa-MIR169o, osa-MIR169p, osa-MIR169q, osa-MIR167j, osa-MIR437, osa-MIR395m, osa-MIR395n, osa-MIR395o, osa-MIR395p, osa-MIR395q, osa-MIR395v, osa-MIR395w, osa-MIR395r, osa-MIR818a, osa-MIR818b, osa-MIR818c, osa-MIR818d, osa-MIR818e, tae-MIR160, tae-MIR167a, tae-MIR1117, tae-MIR1118, tae-MIR1120a, tae-MIR1122a, tae-MIR1125, tae-MIR1128, tae-MIR1131, tae-MIR1133, tae-MIR1135, tae-MIR1136, tae-MIR1139, osa-MIR169r, osa-MIR1436, osa-MIR1439, osa-MIR2118a, osa-MIR2118b, osa-MIR2118c, osa-MIR2118d, osa-MIR2118e, osa-MIR2118f, osa-MIR2118g, osa-MIR2118h, osa-MIR2118i, osa-MIR2118j, osa-MIR2118k, osa-MIR2118l, osa-MIR2118m, osa-MIR2118n, osa-MIR2118o, osa-MIR2118p, osa-MIR2118q, osa-MIR2118r, bdi-MIR167a, bdi-MIR1139, bdi-MIR1122, bdi-MIR437, bdi-MIR169b, bdi-MIR1127, bdi-MIR1135, osa-MIR395x, osa-MIR395y, tae-MIR167b, tae-MIR169, tae-MIR395a, tae-MIR395b, tae-MIR398, tae-MIR5085, bdi-MIR5070, bdi-MIR169d, bdi-MIR169i, bdi-MIR395a, bdi-MIR169j, bdi-MIR160a, bdi-MIR395b, bdi-MIR167b, bdi-MIR160b, bdi-MIR167c, bdi-MIR169k, bdi-MIR160c, bdi-MIR167d, bdi-MIR169g, bdi-MIR160d, bdi-MIR160e, bdi-MIR169e, bdi-MIR398a, bdi-MIR169a, bdi-MIR169h, bdi-MIR169c, bdi-MIR395c, bdi-MIR5180b, bdi-MIR5175a, bdi-MIR5175b, bdi-MIR395d, bdi-MIR398b, bdi-MIR5180a, bdi-MIR169f, bdi-MIR395m, bdi-MIR395e, bdi-MIR395f, bdi-MIR395g, bdi-MIR395h, bdi-MIR395j, bdi-MIR395k, bdi-MIR395l, bdi-MIR395n, osa-MIR818f, bdi-MIR167e, bdi-MIR395o, bdi-MIR395p, bdi-MIR5049, bdi-MIR160f, bdi-MIR167f, bdi-MIR167g, bdi-MIR169l, bdi-MIR169m, bdi-MIR169n, bdi-MIR395q, bdi-MIR2118a, bdi-MIR2118b, tae-MIR1122b, tae-MIR1127b, tae-MIR1122c, tae-MIR167c, tae-MIR5175, tae-MIR1120b, tae-MIR1120c, tae-MIR6197, tae-MIR5049
Chr1 Chr2 Chr3 Chr4 Chr5 miR1127 * miR1128 * * * * * miR1133 * miR1135 * miR1139 * * * miR1439 * * * * * miR167 * miR395 * * miR5049 * * * * * miR5175 * * * miR5180 * * * miR5203 * * * * Bold miRNAs gave the best results that they were syntenic to Bd4. [score:1]
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Interestingly, wheat has several less-conserved miRNAs which were reported previously only in monocots, such as miR5054, miR5062, miR5064, miR5200, miR5203 in Brachypodium distachyon [40], miR5049, miR5048, miR6191, miR6203 in Hordeum vulgare [23, 41], miR1318, miR5071, miR5072, miR5073, miR5077, miR5082, miR5083, miR5538, miR818 in Oryza sativa [42], miR1125, miR1127, miR1136 in wheat [18]. [score:1]
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