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3 publications mentioning mmu-mir-1199

Open access articles that are associated with the species Mus musculus and mention the gene name mir-1199. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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The expression analysis verified by northern blot analysis conducted in two human HCC cell lines showed that the expressed miR was miR-1199 [*] contained in the 3′ arm of the candidate hairpin-precursor miR. [score:5]
However, to date no information is available concerning the mmu-miR-1199 role and target validations and further studies are necessary to identify them both in the human and mouse. [score:3]
Three annotation criteria (expression and biogenesis criteria) (10) based on bioinformatic tools and experimental validation confirmed that miR-1199 was a new hsa-miR. [score:3]
Three clones corresponded to the precursor stem-loop of the hsa-miR-1308, and 1 clone was partially homologous to the mmu-miR-1199 precursor stem-loop. [score:1]
In contrast, in the mouse the miR strand cloned with the highest frequency was that matured from the the 5′ arm of the pre-miR-1199. [score:1]
To our knowledge, the human miR orthologue of mmu-miR-1199 has not been yet discovered, as it is not present within the miRBase official registry. [score:1]
The expression of the miR, here denominated hsa-miR-1199 [*] (* indicates the strand that matures from the 3′ arm of the candidate pre-miRNA), was evaluated in 2 HCC cell lines, HA22T/VGH and SKHep1C3. [score:1]
org) it is partially homologous (78%) to the precursor of the Mus musculus miR-1199 (Fig. 6A). [score:1]
In conclusion, we identified the new human miR-1199, also phylogenetically conserved in other mammalian species. [score:1]
The sequence coding for mmu-miR-1199 is located on chromosome 8 between the Prkaca and Rln3 genes. [score:1]
During the sequence analyses we identified a 36-nt sequence that was partially homologous to the Mus musculus pre-miR-1199 and we realized that the corresponding human miR ortholog was not yet annotated in the miR registry. [score:1]
Membranes were hybridized (42°C for 16 h) with 5′-biotin -labelled mercury LNA detection probes (Exiqon, Vedbaek, Denmark) corresponding to the complementary sequences of the mature miRNA candidate (hsa-miR-1199 probe: 5′-CTG CGC GGC CCG GGC TCA GG-3′, hsa-miR-1199 [*] probe: 5′-GTT GAG CAC CGG CCG CAC GC-3′). [score:1]
In our case, miR-1199 may be annotated as a new miR also in Pongo pygmaeus, Pan troglodytes, Canis familiaris and Rattus norvegicus. [score:1]
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The ten most up-regulated miRNAs included mmu-miR-205-5p, mmu-miR-222-3p, mmu-miR-205-3p, mmu-miR-146b-5p, mmu-miR-21-5p, mmu-miR-21-3p, mmu-miR-221-3p, mmu-miR-140-3p, mmu-miR-142-5p, and mmu-miR-140-5p and the ten most down-regulated miRNAs comprised mmu-miR-211-5p, mmu-miR-3096-5p, mmu-miR-711, mmu-miR-466h-5p, mmu-miR-130b-3p, mmu-miR-3082-5p, mmu-miR-1199-5p, mmu-miR-669b-5p, mmu-miR-1187, and mmu-miR-1224-5p (Table 1). [score:7]
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miRNA name (Release 17)† Accession Number miRNA name (Release 20)† Fold Changes P-Value (8)‡ P-Value (5)ǁ FDR (8)‡ mmu-miR-696 MIMAT0003483 mmu-miR-696 0.54 2.66E-03 3.65E-02 6.33E-02 mmu-miR-449c MIMAT0003460 mmu-miR-449c-5p 0.58 2.70E-06 9.81E-04 8.86E-04 mmu-miR-7a MIMAT0000677 mmu-miR-7a-5p 0.60 1.67E-03 3.66E-03 5.12E-02 mmu-miR-205 MIMAT0000238 mmu-miR-205-5p 0.62 3.03E-01 3.86E-03 7.56E-01 mmu-miR-450a-2* MIMAT0004789 mmu-miR-450a-2-3p 0.63 1.00E-04 7.93E-03 9.42E-03 mmu-miR-1199* MIMAT0017333 mmu-miR-1199-3p 0.63 1.40E-04 1.10E-02 1.02E-02 mmu-miR-374c MIMAT0014953 mmu-miR-374c-5p 0.63 8.79E-03 1.62E-02 1.56E-01 mmu-miR-218 MIMAT0000663 mmu-miR-218-5p 0.64 1.72E-03 3.82E-03 5. 12E-02 mmu-let-7b* MIMAT0004621 mmu-let-7b-3p 0.66 4.01E-04 4.74E-03 2.19E-02† Based on http://www. [score:1]
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