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In contrast, three of the measured targets were significantly down-regulated during acute FMDV infection: bta-let-7 g (−1.96 fold decrease), bta-miR-1281 (−2.50 fold decrease), and bta-miR-26b (-3.09 fold decrease) (Table  2 and Fig.   2a). [score:4]
From these findings, it could be inferred that the induction of miR-17-5p in vivo might manipulate the cellular environment such that it favors FMDV replication, while miR-1281 is down-regulated due to an antagonistic effect. [score:4]
The strongest down-regulated miRNA, miR-1281, was also observed to have decreased levels in the serum collected from acutely infected cattle. [score:4]
Three miRNAs were significantly down-regulated in serum from persistently infected cattle: bta-miR-1281, bta-miR-181b, and bta-miR-23b-5p with fold decreases of 3.41, 2.77, and 2.44, respectively (Table  3). [score:4]
Of the miRNAs that were significantly up- or down-regulated, five were shared between acutely and persistently infected cattle (bta-miR-17-5p, bta-miR-144, bta-miR-497, bta-miR-22-5p, and bta-miR-1281). [score:4]
Of the miRNA species detected, miR-17-5p and miR-1281 were selected as they were among the 5 miRNA that showed similar differential expression in two different animal sets: acutely infected cattle (Table  2 and Fig.   2) and persistently infected cattle (Table  3 and Fig.   2). [score:3]
As with the bioinformatics analysis conducted to identify prospective gene targets for miR-17-5p and miR-1281, a consensus target gene for miR-455-3p was not found to further investigate (Additional file 2: Table S1). [score:3]
miR-17-5p was included in the second experimental set in panel b to confirm the non-effect seen in panel a In a separate experiment, we investigated the potential impact of one of the down-regulated miRNAs that was common to both acutely and persistently infected cattle, miR-1281, on the progression of FMDV infection in vitro. [score:2]
miR-17-5p was included in the second experimental set in panel b to confirm the non-effect seen in panel a In a separate experiment, we investigated the potential impact of one of the down-regulated miRNAs that was common to both acutely and persistently infected cattle, miR-1281, on the progression of FMDV infection in vitro. [score:2]
Mimics of miR-17-5p and miR-1281 were separately tested for their effect on FMDV replication in cell culture (Fig.   5). [score:1]
Also notable is that five of the detected miRNAs (bta-miR-1281, bta-miR-369-3p, bta-miR-26b, bta-miR-34a, and bta-miR-205) are involved in adipogenesis or other lipid metabolic pathways (Fig.   6b, green circle). [score:1]
The non-clustered miRNAs included: let-7 g, bta-miR-26b, bta-miR-150, bta-miR-34a, bta-miR-146a, bta-miR-147, bta-miR-205, bta-miR-455-3p, bta-miR-1224, bta-miR-1281, and bta-miR-31. [score:1]
b Cells were transfected with miR-1281 mimics following the same procedure as miR-17-5p (a). [score:1]
Fig. 5Effect of miR-17-5p and miR-1281 mimics on FMDV infection in cell culture. [score:1]
While miR-17-5p had no apparent impact on the progression of FMDV infection, mimics of miR-1281 decreased the resulting FMDV titers by 2–3 logs. [score:1]
LFBK-αvβ6 cells were grown to approximately 30–40% confluence and transfected with mimics to miR-17-5p, miR-1281 (Thermo Scientific, Waltham, MA), a non-sense negative control miR (miR-NC), a control miR-342-5p that does not impact FMDV infection, or left untransfected following the RNAiMAX (Thermo Scientific, Waltham, MA) transfection method (manufacturer’s protocol). [score:1]
Eleven of the miRNAs are encoded in intergenic regions, including: bta-miR-1281, bta-miR-150, bta-miR-181b, bta-miR-497, bta-miR-144, bta-miR-34a, bta-miR-154a, bta-miR-146b, bta-miR-17-5p, bta-miR-205, and bta-miR-31. [score:1]
Given that miR-1281 mimics impede FMDV replication and the reported role of miR-1281 in cattle [50], it seems that the state of lipid homeostasis in the host plays an important role in the outcome of FMDV infection regardless of whether it is acute or persistent. [score:1]
As described for miR-17-5p above, mimic molecules of miR-1281 were transfected into LFBK-αvβ6 cells and 2 days post-transfection, the cells were infected with FMDV A24 Cruzeiro. [score:1]
Effect of miR-17-5p and miR-1281 on the progression of FMDV infection in vitro. [score:1]
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There were no microRNAs regulated after 1 hour in culture, however after 4 hours in culture miR-491-3p, miR-34b, miR-595, miR-328 miR-1281 and miR-483-3p were significantly upregulated, with none being downregulated. [score:8]
However, after 4 hours in culture, significant upregulation was seen for miR-491-3p, miR-34b, miR-595, miR-328, miR-1281 and miR-483-3p, with no microRNAs being significantly downregulated. [score:7]
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A total of 169 abundant miRNAs were detected in serum samples, and 3 differentially expressed miRNAs were identified: the expression of miR-1281 was significantly reduced at both acute and persistent infection stages; bta-miR-17-5p was expressed in the highest level at acute infection stage, whereas the expression level of bta-miR-31 was the highest during FMDV persistence. [score:9]
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For top 10 upregulated microRNAs (hsa-miR-197-3p, hsa-miR-574-3p, hsa-miR-885-5p, hsa-miR-483-3p, hsa-miR-1281, hsa-miR-328, hsa-miR-4254, hsa-miR-4290, hsa-miR-1825, hsa-miR-766-3p), we included those have been shown to be deregulated in cancer, and have either expression data or functional studies in stem cells. [score:7]
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logFC p-value B-statistic microRNA 0.98 3.53E-08 9.07 hsa-miR-1244 0.74 2.34E-07 7.34 hsa-miR-494 0.45 6.83E-07 6.34 hsa-miR-1979 0.31 3.97E-06 4.66 hsa-miR-1826 0.77 9.14E-06 3.85 hsa-miR-1281 −0.31 1.13E-05 3.65 hsa-miR-202 −0.37 1.14E-05 3.64 hsa-miR-4284 −0.49 1.70E-05 3.25 hsa-miR-221-star −0.89 6.51E-05 1.94 hsa-miR-3172 −0.63 9.48E-05 1.57 hsa-miR-548a-3p −0.43 1. 02E-04 1.49 hsa-miR-1272 −0.34 1.29E-04 1.27 hsa-miR-15a −0.40 1.59E-04 1.06 hsa-miR-3152 −0.22 2.56E-04 0.59 hsa-miR-142–5p 0.24 3.03E-04 0.43 hsa-miR-4270 −0.29 3.27E-04 0.35 hsa-miR-1910 −0.42 3.29E-04 0.35 hsa-miR-34a-star −0.18 3.78E-04 0.21 hsa-miR-381 −0.30 4.10E-04 0.13 hsa-miR-450b-5p 0.30 4.34E-04 0.08 hsa-miR-1469 We also looked for differentially expressed miRNAs (BH adjusted p < 0.05) that may target differentially expressed mRNAs (BH adjusted p < 0.05). [score:7]
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On the other hand, miR-1281 did not show any difference in its expression between the two groups (RQ=1.127; p-value=0.672) (Table 5). [score:3]
This selection resulted in a list of 5 candidate miRNA: miR-15a, miR-30b, let-7i, let-7g and miR-1281 (Table 5). [score:1]
This RT-qPCR analysis confirmed the results observed in microarray experiment, except for miR-1281 (Figure 5). [score:1]
In the validation cohort miR-1281 was not analysed. [score:1]
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One of the top PIF genes was microRNA-1281, previously identified as an adipose expressed miRNA that may regulate the lipid metabolism gene EP300 [65]. [score:4]
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We confirmed the expression changes (> 2-fold) of mir-184 and mir-1250 in brain and of mir-1281, mir-551b, mir-3185, mir-3162-5p and mir-1228 in heart in mechanical asphyxia cases (Figure 2A and 2C). [score:3]
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Levels of certain RNA sequences were substantially different between exosomes and parental serum sample as illustrated in Figure 8. A subset of 3 miRNA targets showed different representation profiles between the two sample types: miR-1281 and miR-4257 were higher in exosomes, while miR-451 was significantly higher in parental sample. [score:3]
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We found: miR-4290, miR-1281, miR-4716-5p, miR-483-3p and miR-877-3p containing almost only UC nucleotides and miR-6124, miR-483-5p, miR-4271, miR-4644, miR-4716-3p and miR-1234-5p purine-rich. [score:1]
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