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Open access articles that are associated with the species Bombyx mori and mention the gene name mir-13a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Coincidently we detected bmo-miR-13 in two stages: late fifth-instar larva (LFLS) and pupa stages (PS), and its potential targets also include notch-like gene and inhibitor of apoptosis gene (Iap) (Table 4) suggesting that bmo-miR-2/13 have similar functions in silkworms and fruitflies. [score:5]
For instance, aside from a few commonly expressed miRNAs, such as bmo-miR-8, bmo-miR-13, bmo-miR-263a, bmo-miR-275, bmo-miR-279, bmo-282*, bmo-miR-285 and bmo-miR-306, most of them were found development-related (Table 3) although some may be due to inadequate sampling that often results less reliable statistics. [score:4]
For analyzing the expression patterns of bmo-miR-1, bmo-miR-13, bmo-miR-14, bmo-miR-77, bmo-miR-263a, bmo-miR-275 and U6 snRNA, real-time PCR was performed in an ABI Prism® 7300 Sequence Detection system with Quant SYBR Green PCR kit (TIANGEN, BJ) following the manufacturer's instructions. [score:3]
Another pair of interesting clustered miRNAs in the silkworm genome contains bmo-miR-2 and bmo-miR-13, which are classified into the miR-2 family based on sequence similarity. [score:1]
We also discovered six pairs that are organized as clusters; bmo-miR-1/bmo-miR-133, bmo-let-7/bmo-miR-100, bmo-miR-12/bmo-miR-283, and bmo-miR-275/bmo-miR-305 are separated by less than 20 kb apart and in the same orientation; bmo-miR-9b overlaps with bmo-miR-79 on the opposite strand; and bmo-miR-2 is adjacent to bmo-miR-13 but on the reverse strand in a tail-to-tail orientation about some twenty basepairs away. [score:1]
Bmo-miR-13 showed fluctuating trend with its lowest level at LFLS (p = 0.042). [score:1]
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mir-2 and mir-13 repress translation of the target genes, grim, skl and rpr, suggesting that they may be involved in regulating apoptosis [48]. [score:6]
bmo-miR-2b, which is found in the gene cluster bmo-miR-2a-1/bmo-miR-2a-1*/bmo-miR-2a-2/bmo-miR-2b/bmo-miR-13a*/bmo-miR-13b, encodes a newly identified member of the mir-2 family. [score:1]
We designated these sequences bmo-miR-13a*, bmo-miR-14, bmo-miR-46, bmo-miR-46*, bmo-miR-71, bmo-miR-277 and bmo-bantam. [score:1]
Searching the D. melanogaster and A. gambiae miRNAs, we found that corresponding mir-2 and mir-13 family members also assembled into clusters in these two species. [score:1]
These newly identified miRNAs are bmo-miR-2a*, bmo-miR-8*, bmo-miR-13a*, bmo-miR-46*, bmo-miR-263*, bmo-miR-279*, and bmo-miR-305*. [score:1]
Examining the positions of the identified miRNAs in the B. mori genome, we identified two miRNA clusters (Figure 4): bmo-miR-2a-1/bmo-miR-2a-1*/bmo-miR-2a-2/bmo-miR-2b/bmo-miR-13a*/bmo-miR-13b; and bmo-miR-275/bmo-miR-305/bmo-miR-305*. [score:1]
Genes in the cluster containing bmo-miR-2a-1/bmo-miR-2a-1*/bmo-miR-2a-2/bmo-miR-2b/bmo-miR-13a*/bmo-miR-13b are members of the mir-2 miRNA family. [score:1]
4220] of these six genes can bind perfectly to mir-2 (bmo-miR-2a, bmo-miR-2b, bmo-miR-13a* and bmo-miR-13b) and bmo-miR-7, respectively. [score:1]
a. bmo-miR-2a-1/bmo-miR-2a-1*/bmo-miR-2a-2/bmo-miR-2b/bmo-miR-13a*/bmo-miR-13b; b. bmo-miR-275/bmo-miR-305/bmo-miR-305*. [score:1]
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Although miR-2a and miR-13a, miR-10a and miR-10b are closely clustered in the silkworm genome [30], their expression patterns were distinct. [score:3]
Additionally, Northern-blot results confirmed sex differences in body wall expression of 10 miRNAs (e. g., bantam, miR-1, miR-13a and miR-2a) (Table 2, Figure 1D). [score:3]
16) and miR-13a (No. [score:1]
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Preferential expression of miR-2 and miR-13 families in spinning larvae and moth suggests that these miRNAs may promote apoptosis in these two stages. [score:3]
miR-2 and miR-13 families possess identical "seed" sequences, and both show almost similar expression profiles in the silkworm. [score:3]
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A cluster of miR-2a-1, miR-2a-2, miR-2b, miR-13a and miR-13b is localized on chromosome 1 of B. mori, indicating there are two precursors of miR-2a, and miR-2a-2 is in the interior of this cluster. [score:1]
By searching bmo-miR-2a in Silkworm Genome Database, it is noticed that there are two precursors of pre-bmo-miR-2a which localized on chromosome 1 and organized as a cluster with pre-miR-2b, pre-miR-13a and pre-miR-13b (Figure 5). [score:1]
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The cluster (sfr-mir-2a, sfr-mir-2b, sfr-mir-2c, sfr-mir-13a, sfr-mir-13b) is distributed over the region, 8161–8774 of scaffold 1973 with a size of 20411bp (Fig. 3B, i), while the other (sfr-mir-10494, sfr-mir-10463, sfr-mir-10471) span over 10636bp region of scaffold 6745. [score:1]
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