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, miR395, miR397 and miR399 were up-regulated both in leaves and flowers (Figure 5a and 5b) while pre-miR159 and pre-miR171 were down-regulated by 2 folds in flower tissues (Figure 5b). [score:7]
miRNA Target Function References miR166 HD-ZIP TFs Leaf development[20] miR395 ATP Sulfurylase; Sulfate metabolism Environmental stress response[7, 23] miR167 ARF TFs Plant development and hormone signaling[50] miR164 NAC domain TFs; CUC1 and CUC2 Leaf development and hormone signaling[18, 21] miR399 Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme Phosphate metabolism[34] Figure 5Semi-quantitative reverse transcription Polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) of various pre-miRNAs in (A) leaves and (B) flower tissues of different plants viz. [score:6]
miRNA Target Function References miR166 HD-ZIP TFs Leaf development[20] miR395 ATP Sulfurylase; Sulfate metabolism Environmental stress response[7, 23] miR167 ARF TFs Plant development and hormone signaling[50] miR164 NAC domain TFs; CUC1 and CUC2 Leaf development and hormone signaling[18, 21] miR399 Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme Phosphate metabolism[34] Figure 5Semi-quantitative reverse transcription Polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) of various pre-miRNAs in (A) leaves and (B) flower tissues of different plants viz. [score:6]
For instance, the genes targeted by miR398, miR399, miR162 and miR168 are, either directly or indirectly, responsible for responding to adverse stress stimuli. [score:5]
Similarly, most of the miRNAs (miR395, miR396 and miR399) known to be involved in abiotic stress conditions showed enhanced expression under ToLCNDV infection and the levels of the corresponding targets were reduced. [score:5]
The precursors of miR162, miR172, miR395, miR397 and miR399 were induced to more than five folds in ToLCNDV infected leaves, while those of miR159, miR160, miR167 and miR319 showed almost 2-3 times increase in ToLCNDV infected leaves (Table 3). [score:1]
On the other hand, miR395, miR399, miR398, etc. [score:1]
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We found that slylnc1077 and sly-miR399 could function as mimics and that the expression pattern of the sly-miR399 target was similar to that of slylnc1077. [score:5]
Furthermore, similar expression correlation patterns were observed between the slylnc1077 and sly-miR399 targets (Supplementary Fig. S6B and S6C). [score:5]
After experimental verification, two of these TYLCV-responsive lncRNAs were confirmed to be target mimics of miR166 and miR399. [score:3]
Thus, slylnc1077 acts as an eTM for sly-miR399, suggesting that slylnc1077 might be involved in TYLCV infection response networks. [score:1]
Two of the identified tomato lncRNAs (slylnc0195 and slylnc1077) were predicted to be ‘decoys’ for the conserved miRNAs, miR166 and miR399, respectively (Fig. 6A and Fig. S2A). [score:1]
The eTMs between lncRNA and miR399 was also found in a previous study 14. [score:1]
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However, spi-miR398b-3p_stu targeting CSD1 was significantly down-regulated (1.00-fold) in the 40 °C library compared to the control library and spi-miR399-p5 was not detected in the 40 °C library (Supplementary Tables S3 and S5). [score:5]
miR398 and miR399 were inhibited in Triticum aestivum and Brassica rapa by exposure to high temperatures 26 37. [score:3]
In this study, there were no significant changes in the expression levels of miR398 and miR399 in the 33 °C library compared to the control library (Supplementary Table S3). [score:2]
These indicated that miR398 and miR399 might only function at the acutely elevated temperatures. [score:1]
We found that some miRNAs (including miR156, miR167 and miR168) in tomato plants might respond when the plants are exposed to temperatures only slightly higher than the normal growing temperature, while others (miR160, miR398 and miR399) might only respond to acutely elevated temperatures. [score:1]
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However, sixth member of miR399 family was located at a different position on the same chromosome and has different mature sequence, expression profile and predicted targets. [score:5]
In contrast, a low digital expression was observed for miR1446, miR167, miR169, miR171, miR393, miR394, miR399, miR408, miR5304, miR9473 and miR9479 families (total TPM value < 100). [score:3]
Interestingly, 5 members of miR399 family were present in close proximity on chromosome 3 (Fig 2). [score:1]
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In this study, the miR399a is down-regulated in sense- LeERF1 transgenic fruit, which indicated that miR399 may play an important role in ethylene signal transduction pathway. [score:4]
It has been reported that miR399 was involved in plant response to phosphate starvation (Fujii et al., 2005; Chiou et al., 2006) and its accumulation increased during fruit development in tomato (Gao et al., 2015). [score:2]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: osa-MIR156a, osa-MIR156b, osa-MIR156c, osa-MIR156d, osa-MIR156e, osa-MIR156f, osa-MIR156g, osa-MIR156h, osa-MIR156i, osa-MIR156j, osa-MIR166a, osa-MIR166b, osa-MIR166c, osa-MIR166d, osa-MIR166e, osa-MIR166f, osa-MIR167a, osa-MIR167b, osa-MIR167c, osa-MIR169a, osa-MIR171a, osa-MIR393a, osa-MIR396a, osa-MIR396b, osa-MIR396c, osa-MIR397a, osa-MIR397b, osa-MIR398a, osa-MIR398b, osa-MIR399a, osa-MIR399b, osa-MIR399c, osa-MIR399d, osa-MIR399e, osa-MIR399f, osa-MIR399g, osa-MIR399h, osa-MIR399i, osa-MIR399j, osa-MIR399k, osa-MIR156k, osa-MIR156l, osa-MIR166k, osa-MIR166l, osa-MIR167d, osa-MIR167e, osa-MIR167f, osa-MIR167g, osa-MIR167h, osa-MIR167i, osa-MIR168a, osa-MIR168b, osa-MIR169b, osa-MIR169c, osa-MIR169d, osa-MIR169e, osa-MIR169f, osa-MIR169g, osa-MIR169h, osa-MIR169i, osa-MIR169j, osa-MIR169k, osa-MIR169l, osa-MIR169m, osa-MIR169n, osa-MIR169o, osa-MIR169p, osa-MIR169q, osa-MIR171b, osa-MIR171c, osa-MIR171d, osa-MIR171e, osa-MIR171f, osa-MIR171g, osa-MIR172a, osa-MIR172b, osa-MIR172c, osa-MIR166g, osa-MIR166h, osa-MIR166i, osa-MIR171h, osa-MIR393b, osa-MIR408, osa-MIR172d, osa-MIR171i, osa-MIR167j, osa-MIR166m, osa-MIR166j, osa-MIR396e, mtr-MIR166a, mtr-MIR169a, mtr-MIR399b, mtr-MIR399d, mtr-MIR393a, mtr-MIR399c, mtr-MIR399a, mtr-MIR399e, mtr-MIR156a, mtr-MIR171a, mtr-MIR156b, mtr-MIR167a, mtr-MIR166b, mtr-MIR169c, mtr-MIR169d, mtr-MIR169e, mtr-MIR171b, mtr-MIR166c, mtr-MIR166d, mtr-MIR169f, mtr-MIR156c, mtr-MIR156d, mtr-MIR399f, mtr-MIR399g, mtr-MIR399h, mtr-MIR399i, mtr-MIR399j, mtr-MIR399k, mtr-MIR166e, mtr-MIR156e, mtr-MIR171c, mtr-MIR398a, mtr-MIR172a, mtr-MIR393b, mtr-MIR398b, mtr-MIR168a, mtr-MIR169g, mtr-MIR156f, mtr-MIR399l, mtr-MIR156g, mtr-MIR399m, mtr-MIR399n, mtr-MIR399o, mtr-MIR398c, mtr-MIR156h, mtr-MIR166f, mtr-MIR166g, mtr-MIR171d, mtr-MIR171e, mtr-MIR396a, mtr-MIR396b, mtr-MIR169h, mtr-MIR169b, mtr-MIR156i, mtr-MIR171f, mtr-MIR399p, osa-MIR169r, sly-MIR166a, sly-MIR166b, sly-MIR167a, sly-MIR169a, sly-MIR169b, sly-MIR169c, sly-MIR169d, sly-MIR171a, sly-MIR171b, sly-MIR171c, sly-MIR171d, sly-MIR397, sly-MIR156a, sly-MIR156b, sly-MIR156c, sly-MIR172a, sly-MIR172b, osa-MIR827, osa-MIR396f, mtr-MIR2118, osa-MIR2118a, osa-MIR2118b, osa-MIR2118c, osa-MIR2118d, osa-MIR2118e, osa-MIR2118f, osa-MIR2118g, osa-MIR2118h, osa-MIR2118i, osa-MIR2118j, osa-MIR2118k, osa-MIR2118l, osa-MIR2118m, osa-MIR2118n, osa-MIR2118o, osa-MIR2118p, osa-MIR2118q, osa-MIR2118r, mtr-MIR169k, mtr-MIR169j, mtr-MIR399q, osa-MIR396g, osa-MIR396h, osa-MIR396d, osa-MIR5072, mtr-MIR4414a, mtr-MIR4414b, mtr-MIR482, mtr-MIR172b, mtr-MIR172c, mtr-MIR171h, mtr-MIR168b, mtr-MIR399r, mtr-MIR156j, sly-MIR482e, sly-MIR482a, mtr-MIR167b, mtr-MIR168c, mtr-MIR408, mtr-MIR396c, mtr-MIR171g, stu-MIR6024, sly-MIR6024, stu-MIR482c, stu-MIR482b, stu-MIR482a, stu-MIR482d, stu-MIR482e, sly-MIR482b, sly-MIR482c, stu-MIR6025, stu-MIR6026, sly-MIR6026, sly-MIR168a, sly-MIR168b, mtr-MIR169i, mtr-MIR172d, mtr-MIR397, mtr-MIR169l, mtr-MIR399s, mtr-MIR399t, stu-MIR7980a, stu-MIR7983, stu-MIR8007a, stu-MIR8007b, stu-MIR7980b, stu-MIR399a, stu-MIR399b, stu-MIR399c, stu-MIR399d, stu-MIR399e, stu-MIR399f, stu-MIR399g, stu-MIR399h, stu-MIR3627, stu-MIR171b, stu-MIR166a, stu-MIR166b, stu-MIR166c, stu-MIR166d, stu-MIR171a, stu-MIR171c, stu-MIR399i, stu-MIR827, stu-MIR172b, stu-MIR172c, stu-MIR172a, stu-MIR172d, stu-MIR172e, stu-MIR156a, stu-MIR156b, stu-MIR156c, stu-MIR156d, stu-MIR171d, stu-MIR167c, stu-MIR167b, stu-MIR167a, stu-MIR167d, stu-MIR399j, stu-MIR399k, stu-MIR399l, stu-MIR399m, stu-MIR399n, stu-MIR399o, stu-MIR393, stu-MIR398a, stu-MIR398b, stu-MIR396, stu-MIR408a, stu-MIR408b, stu-MIR397, stu-MIR171e, stu-MIR156e, stu-MIR156f, stu-MIR156g, stu-MIR156h, stu-MIR156i, stu-MIR156j, stu-MIR156k, stu-MIR169a, stu-MIR169b, stu-MIR169c, stu-MIR169d, stu-MIR169e, stu-MIR169f, stu-MIR169g, stu-MIR169h, sly-MIR403, sly-MIR166c, sly-MIR156d, sly-MIR156e, sly-MIR396a, sly-MIR167b, sly-MIR482d, sly-MIR169e, sly-MIR396b, sly-MIR171e, sly-MIR172c, sly-MIR408, sly-MIR172d, sly-MIR827, sly-MIR393, sly-MIR398a, sly-MIR399b, sly-MIR6025, sly-MIR169f, sly-MIR171f
Expression pattern suggests a role of MiR399 in the regulation of the cellular response to local Pi increase during arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis. [score:3]
Branscheid et al. (2010) first reported the accumulation of miR399 in the roots of M. trunctula and tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) during AM symbiosis (Branscheid et al., 2010). [score:1]
Five miRNA families (miR399, miR156, miR166, miR171, and miR172) had more than 10 members, and miR156 family, the largest family, had 23 members. [score:1]
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These results indicated that the miR399-lncRNA pair might be contributing to an important regulatory pattern in both susceptible and resistant tomatoes following TYLCV infection, and the miR166-lncRNA pair is just involved in the resistance to TYLCV infection. [score:2]
In our study, S-slylnc1484 was predicted to be a ‘decoy’ for tomato miR399, while no lncRNAs were predicted as eTM of miR166. [score:1]
In a previous study, tomato lncRNAs slylnc0195 and slylnc1077 acted as competing eTMs for tomato miR166 and miR399, respectively [13]. [score:1]
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Pant et al. (2008) reported that miR399 acted as a movable signal in Arabidopsis which regulated the phosphate homeostasis (Pant et al., 2008), whereas miR395 was reported to move from wild-type scions to rootstocks miRNA processing mutant hen1-1 under sulfate stress (Buhtz et al., 2010). [score:2]
However, recent evidence has indicated that only four miRNAs (miR399, miR395, miR172, and miR156) have been demonstrated as long-distance mobile signals in plants (Bhogale et al., 2014). [score:1]
MicroRNA399 is a long-distance signal for the regulation of plant phosphate homeostasis. [score:1]
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Short tandem target mimic (STTM), which was invented based on an endogenous mechanism that modulates miR399 activity in Arabidopsis thaliana [15], is a newly developed approach to explore miRNA functions by blocking miRNAs in plants [16]. [score:3]
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LncRNA246 was the eTM of sly-miR399, a miRNA that plays an important role in regulating phosphate homeostasis (Kuo and Chiou, 2011. [score:2]
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Two well-known examples of miRNAs regulating plant metabolic homeostasis are miRNA395 [15] and miRNA399 (reviewed by Chiou, [34]). [score:2]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: sly-MIR160a, sly-MIR167a, sly-MIR156a, sly-MIR156b, sly-MIR156c, sly-MIR172a, sly-MIR172b, mdm-MIR156a, mdm-MIR156b, mdm-MIR156c, mdm-MIR156d, mdm-MIR156e, mdm-MIR156f, mdm-MIR156g, mdm-MIR156h, mdm-MIR156i, mdm-MIR156j, mdm-MIR156k, mdm-MIR156l, mdm-MIR156m, mdm-MIR156n, mdm-MIR156o, mdm-MIR156p, mdm-MIR156q, mdm-MIR156r, mdm-MIR156s, mdm-MIR156t, mdm-MIR156u, mdm-MIR156v, mdm-MIR156w, mdm-MIR156x, mdm-MIR156y, mdm-MIR156z, mdm-MIR156aa, mdm-MIR156ab, mdm-MIR156ac, mdm-MIR156ad, mdm-MIR156ae, mdm-MIR160a, mdm-MIR160b, mdm-MIR160c, mdm-MIR160d, mdm-MIR160e, mdm-MIR167a, mdm-MIR167b, mdm-MIR167c, mdm-MIR167d, mdm-MIR167e, mdm-MIR167f, mdm-MIR167g, mdm-MIR167h, mdm-MIR167i, mdm-MIR167j, mdm-MIR168a, mdm-MIR168b, mdm-MIR172a, mdm-MIR172b, mdm-MIR172c, mdm-MIR172d, mdm-MIR172e, mdm-MIR172f, mdm-MIR172g, mdm-MIR172h, mdm-MIR172i, mdm-MIR172j, mdm-MIR172k, mdm-MIR172l, mdm-MIR172m, mdm-MIR172n, mdm-MIR172o, mdm-MIR399a, mdm-MIR399b, mdm-MIR399c, mdm-MIR399d, mdm-MIR399e, mdm-MIR399f, mdm-MIR399g, mdm-MIR399h, mdm-MIR399i, mdm-MIR399j, sly-MIR168a, sly-MIR168b, ppe-MIR156a, ppe-MIR156b, ppe-MIR156c, ppe-MIR156d, ppe-MIR156e, ppe-MIR156f, ppe-MIR156g, ppe-MIR156h, ppe-MIR156i, ppe-MIR160a, ppe-MIR160b, ppe-MIR167a, ppe-MIR167b, ppe-MIR167c, ppe-MIR167d, ppe-MIR168, ppe-MIR172a, ppe-MIR172b, ppe-MIR172c, ppe-MIR172d, ppe-MIR399a, ppe-MIR399b, ppe-MIR399c, ppe-MIR399d, ppe-MIR399e, ppe-MIR399f, ppe-MIR399g, ppe-MIR399h, ppe-MIR399i, ppe-MIR399j, ppe-MIR399k, ppe-MIR399l, ppe-MIR399m, ppe-MIR399n, sly-MIR156d, sly-MIR156e, sly-MIR167b, sly-MIR172c, sly-MIR172d, mdm-MIR399k, mdm-MIR172p
MicroRNA399 is a long-distance signal for the regulation of plant phosphate homeostasis. [score:1]
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For instance, miR395, miR399 and miR398 are induced under sulfate-, phosphate-, and copper-deprived conditions, respectively [19– 21]. [score:1]
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Among these miRNAs, 12 miRNAs that were sha-miR166a-p5, sha-miR319, sha-miR397_nta, sha-miR397-p5, sha-miR398a-3p_stu, sha-miR398a-5p_stu, sha-miR398a-p3_cme, sha-miR399-p5, sha-miR408_nta, sha-miR408a-3p_stu, sha-miR408b-5p_stu and sha-miR530a_cme significantly increased in response to chilling stress, while 20 miRNAs significantly decreased (Additional file 1: Table S1). [score:1]
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The members of each family were different, the miR156, miR166 and miR171 had more than ten members, in the contrary, miR160, miR319, miR394, miR395, miR399, miR408, miR472, miR482, miR827 had only one member in their corresponding family. [score:1]
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MicroRNA399 is a long-distance signal for the regulation of plant phosphate homeostasis. [score:1]
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