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4 publications mentioning sma-mir-125b

Open access articles that are associated with the species Schistosoma mansoni and mention the gene name mir-125b. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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For example, sma-miR125b, an abundant miRNAs in schistosome vesicles, has >600 potential human targets based on a conserved 8-mer seed region of the mature miRNA. [score:3]
Five highly abundant schistosome-derived miRNA sequences (Sma-Bantam, Sma-miR-71a, Sma-miR-36-3p, Sma-miR-125a and Sma-miR-125b) were selected for PCR amplification. [score:1]
Some, however, are present at the same or even higher levels; two of the more abundant miRNAs, sma-miR-71a and sma-miR-125b, were both present at about the same level in the two samples, and other miRNAs, such as sma-bantam and sma-miR-36-3P, were moderately enriched in vesicles. [score:1]
RNA was extracted from the purified exosomes and then used for amplification of four S. mansoni miRNAs (Sma-mir-125a, Sma-mir-125b, Sma-mir-71a, Sma-bantam) by qRT-PCR. [score:1]
In contrast, the stem-loop TaqMan probe method was able to specifically detect sma-miR-125a, sma-miR-125b, sma-bantam, sma- miR-71a (Fig.   5). [score:1]
It was also noted that the level of some miRNAs, in particular sma-miR125b, showed a broad variation in the level of miRNA found in the ELVs isolated from the serum of individual mice. [score:1]
This was particularly notable for sma-miRNA-125b (Fig.   5). [score:1]
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We observed 2 miRNAs (mir-2 and mir-71) expressed in both life cycle stages tested, 7 in adult worms only (mir-4, mir-6, mir-9, mir-32, mir-125, mir-3, mir-5) and 5 in schistosomula only (mir-20, mir-18, mir-22, mir-26, Bantam). [score:3]
We also analyzed in S. mansoni the expression of the five novel miRNAs recently identified in S. japonicum (sja-let-7, sja-miR-71, sja-bantam, sja-miR-125 and sja-miR-new1) [37]. [score:3]
miR-71, miR-125 and Bantam are the miRNAs identified in S. mansoni homolog to miRNAs of S. japonicum [38]. [score:1]
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Indeed, most recently five miRNAs were found by direct cloning in S. japonicum that are also conserved in S. mansoni [55]: let-7, mir-71, bantam, mir-125, and a single schistosome-specific microRNA. [score:2]
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In female worms, the most highly transcribed miRNAs were sha-mir-71a (3.6% of mapped sRNA reads), sha-mir-1 (2.0%), sha-mir-71b (0.7%), sha-mir-125b (0.7%) and sha-bantam (0.3%) (S1 Table). [score:1]
The most highly transcribed miRNAs in male worms were sha-mir-1 (5.9% of mapped sRNA reads), sha-mir-71a (5.8%), sha-mir-125b (1.6%), sha-mir-7a (1.0%) and sha-let-7 (0.6%). [score:1]
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