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8 publications mentioning dre-mir-196c

Open access articles that are associated with the species Danio rerio and mention the gene name mir-196c. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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A possible explanation for the presence of target gene/microRNA combinations within single transcription units and for the targeting of nearby Hox genes by both miR-10 and miR-196, may lie in the complexity of the Hox regulatory mechanisms which involve multiple global and local transcriptional elements. [score:6]
The short genomic distances between miR-196 and miR-10 and their targets are remarkable; miR-10c is ∼25 kb from the target sites in HoxB3a and ∼48 kb from those in HoxB1a and (in mammals) a miR-196 paralogue is located at ∼18 kb from HoxB8 and HoxC8 and at ∼14 kb from HoxA7. [score:5]
With respect to the Hox related microRNAs, HoxA7 and Hox-8 paralogues have been identified as targets of miR-196 [23], [24], [25]. [score:3]
MiR-196 is known to represses HoxB8, HoxC8, HoxD8 and HoxA7 and we have identified HoxB1a and HoxB3a as targets for miR-10. [score:3]
C) Polycistronic transcripts identified from the EST database show inclusion of miR-196 paralogues and HoxB8 and HoxC8 target genes on the same primary transcripts. [score:3]
As with the previously described interactions between miR-196 and HoxA7 and Hox-8 paralogues, the target genes are located in close proximity to the microRNA. [score:3]
In Drosophila, a conserved or possibly convergent interaction exists for the miR-196 homologue IAB-4 which targets the Ubx Hox gene [26]. [score:3]
In addition to the Hox coding genes, the miR-10, miR-196 and miR-615 microRNA gene families have been identified within the vertebrate Hox clusters [8]– [11]. [score:1]
In the Hox clusters, miR-10 genes are closely associated with the positions of Hox-4 paralogue members, miR-196 is located 5′ of Hox-9 paralogues and the more recently cloned miR-615 is located in the HoxC5 intron in mammals but appears to be absent from Teleosts and Xenopus tropicalis. [score:1]
In addition to the protein coding Hox genes, the miR-10, miR-196 and miR-615 families of microRNA genes are conserved within the vertebrate Hox clusters. [score:1]
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In order to examine if miR-196a expression is inversely correlated to bovine NOBOX expression during early embryonic development, we analyzed miR-196 expression during oocyte maturation and early embryogenesis. [score:8]
It has also been reported that miR-196a is differently regulated during polycystic kidney disease suggesting that miR-196 is important for normal functioning of kidney [51]. [score:4]
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The three families we identified, miR-10, miR-99/100 and miR-196, are highly conserved and are dysregulated in a number of human diseases. [score:4]
The miR-10, miR-99/100 and miR-196 families are some of the most common Hox gene -targeting miRNAs yet described. [score:3]
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One of the teleost specific cliques contains mir196-Aa [see Additional File 1]. [score:1]
The CNSs were mainly teleost and neoteleost-specific, and we could identify two microRNAs in all species: mir196-Ca and mir10-Ca [see Additional File 5]. [score:1]
The footprint clique containing mir196-Ab did not identify a orthologous sequence for medaka, suggesting a lineage-specific loss of this microRNA in medaka [see Additional File 2]. [score:1]
The analyses revealed the existence of mir196-Ba in all teleosts – except for medaka – and mir10-Ba was found in all species but A. burtoni, due to missing sequence data [see Additional File 3]. [score:1]
In contrast to a previous study, we were able to identify mir196-Ab and mir196-Ba in the zebrafish clusters [86], probably due to increased sequence quality of the genomic sequence. [score:1]
An equivalent to the mir196-Cb could not be identified in neoteleosts, which have lost the entire HoxCb cluster. [score:1]
In medaka, we were not able to identify mir196-Ab, mir196-Ba and mir10-Bb, even though sequences were complete and without gaps in these intergenic regions. [score:1]
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The mir-196 family regulates Hox8 and Hox7 genes, the function of mir10 is unknown. [score:2]
The mir10 and the mir196 precursors are located at specific positions in the Hox gene clusters [4- 7]. [score:1]
A few microRNAs are apparently linked to protein coding genes, most notably mir-10 and mir-196 which are located in the (short) intergenic regions in the Hox gene clusters of vertebrates [4- 7]. [score:1]
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The mir-196 miRNAs are known to directly cleave HOX mRNAs and modulates development of axial patterning [49], [50]. [score:3]
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Interestingly, the conserved novel miRNAs retrieved by miRDeep, namely miR_4 (miR-429 family), miR_5 (miR-429 family), miR_6 (miR-1788 family), miR_11 (miR-196 family), miR_15 (miR-196 family), miR_16 (miR-103 family) and miR_21 (miR-222 family) were also predicted as novel ZF miRNAs by Ensembl algorithms (Table 4). [score:1]
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The role of microRNAs in lower vertebrates with a known regenerative ability is gaining a lot of attention, with several recent studies identifying miRNAs associated with spinal cord repair (e. g., miR-125b in axolotl, miR-133b in zebrafish; [28, 29]) and appendage regeneration (e. g. miR-196 in axolotl tail, miR-203 in zebrafish fin; [30, 31]). [score:1]
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