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3 publications mentioning bta-mir-19b-2

Open access articles that are associated with the species Bos taurus and mention the gene name mir-19b-2. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Bta-mir-19b and bta-mir-19b-2 share the same targets and therefore overall 12 genes were identified which showed expression consistent with being targets of miRNAs with differential level of expression, 10 of which were in the PP group and 2 in NP group compared with the NN group. [score:8]
HIC1, TBC1D8 and IMPDH1 were over expressed in the PP group in comparison with the NN control groups and had the same target sequence motif for both bta-mir-19b and bta-mir-19b-2, which had lower expression in the PP group. [score:7]
HIC1, TBC1D8 and IMPDH1 had the same sequence motif and were targeted by both bta-mir-19b and bta-mir-19b-2 in the PP group, while ZBTB4 was targeted by bta-mir-19b and bta-mir-19b-2 in the NP group. [score:5]
Among differentially expressed miRNAs between the PP and NN groups bta-mir-19b, bta-mir-19b-2, bta-mir-1271 and Novel:14_7917 have previously been found to be involved in human tuberculosis and in inflammatory bowel disease. [score:5]
In particular, the NP group showed reduced levels of bta-mir-19b, bta-mir-19b-2 and bta-mir-1271 and an increased expression of target genes which was observed in the PP vs NN groups. [score:5]
The target prediction analysis carried out here also suggests that bta-mir-19b and bta-mir-19b-2, which had lower levels in PP vs NN animals, target IMPDH1, which is consistent with the increased IMPDH1 level in PP vs NN groups. [score:5]
Interestingly, although the level of mir-19 was also lower in the NP vs NN animals, the expression of IMPDH1 was not appreciably higher in NP vs NN groups. [score:3]
Interestingly, reduced expression of mir-19b and mir-19b-2 has been observed respectively in serum [66] and sputum [63] of tuberculosis affected human vs healthy patients. [score:3]
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The miR-17 family, and to some extent also miR-19, in contrast suppresses cell cycle arrest and there is some evidence for targeting kinases like MAPK14 24, 25. [score:5]
Type Gene ceRNA Ann cow miRNA MDBK 3′UTR miRNA chimeras Non-coding H19 Yes let-7 let-7 Coding PTEN PTENP1 No miR-21 Various miRNAs, mostly miR-27 CNOT6L Yes miR-17, miR-19 miR-17 and miR-25 VAPA Yes miR-17, miR-19 miR-17 ZEB2 Yes miR-26, miR-25 None KRAS KRAS1P Yes let-7 let-7 present, but mostly miR-27 and miR-222 HMGA2 No let-7 let-7 TGFBR3 No let-7 let-7 peak in exon, miR-15, -17, -21, -27 and -31 peaks in 3′UTRDefinitions of previously described ceRNAs in human or mouse were obtained from ref. [score:1]
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Moreover, miR-105 and miR-19 are predicted to target mRNA encoding TLR2 leading to its decreased expression and further decrease in cytokine production in primary human keratinocytes [8]. [score:5]
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