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Open access articles that are associated with the species Rattus norvegicus and mention the gene name mir-504. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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In this study, miR-504 expression negatively correlated with the expression of DRD1 mRNA, which provided indirect evidence for the regulation of miR-504 on DRD1 expression. [score:9]
These results suggest that MD enhances behavioral vulnerability to stress during adulthood, which is associated with the upregulation of miR-504 and downregulation of DRD2 expression in the nucleus accumbens. [score:9]
A recently in vitro study showed that miR-504 up-regulates DRD1 expression by binding directly to the 3′-UTR of the DRD1 gene [19]. [score:7]
We first demonstrated that MD upregulated miR-504 expression in the NAc and that MD followed by CUS more significantly increased miR-504 expression compared to MD/control or non-MD/CUS. [score:7]
In contrast, other mechanisms involved in the regulation of DRD1 translation or miR-504 could have regulated the expression of other genes responsible for the role of miR-504 in stress -induced depression. [score:7]
A previous in vitro study showed that miR-504 could up-regulate DRD1 expression by binding directly to the 3′-UTR of the human DRD1 gene [19]. [score:7]
miR-504 may mediate the downregulation of DRD1 and DRD2 expression in the nucleus accumbens, but DRD2 not DRD1 is involved in stress -induced depression in the animal mo dels tested in this study. [score:6]
Whether miR-504 targets some genes which directly or indirectly regulate DRD2 mRNA transcription require further studies. [score:6]
In conclusion, our data suggest that MD enhances behavioral vulnerability to stressors during adulthood through the upregulation of miR-504 expression in the NAc. [score:6]
Increased miR-504 may possibly repress p53 expression and induce apoptosis in dopaminergic neurons, which results in a decrease in the number of dopaminergic neurons and subsequent decrease in DRD1/DRD2 expression. [score:5]
Pearson correlation analysis revealed that miR-504 expression negatively correlated with the level of DRD1 mRNA (Fig. 2A, p<0.05), DRD1 protein (Fig. 2B, p<0.05) and sucrose preference rate in the sucrose preference test (Fig. 2C, p<0.05), while miR-504 expression positively correlated with immobility time in forced swim test (Fig. 2D, p<0.05). [score:5]
A) Correlation between miR-504 expression and DRD1 mRNA expression. [score:5]
Pearson correlation analysis revealed that DRD2 mRNA expression significantly correlated with miR-504 expression (Fig. 4A, p<0.05) and DRD2 protein (Fig. 4B, p<0.05). [score:5]
A previous study demonstrated that miR-504 directly represses p53 protein expression, thereby negatively regulating p53 -mediated apoptosis, which has been found in depressed humans and/or animals [32]. [score:5]
0069934.g002 Figure 2 A) Correlation between miR-504 expression and DRD1 mRNA expression. [score:5]
4. Correlation Analysis between miR-504 and DRD1 mRNA Expression, as well as DRD1 Protein Expression in the NAc and Behavioral Indices in Rats. [score:5]
Correlation between miR-504 expression, DRD1 gene expression and depression-like behaviors. [score:5]
0069934.g004 Figure 4 A) Correlation between DRD2 mRNA expression and miR-504 expression. [score:5]
A) Correlation between DRD2 mRNA expression and miR-504 expression. [score:5]
Meanwhile, higher miR-504 expression and lower dopamine receptor D1 (DRD1) and D2 (DRD2) expression were observed in the nucleus accumbens of rats in the MD/CUS group than in the other three groups. [score:5]
Furthermore, the upregulation of miR-504 negatively correlated with the sucrose preference rate and positively correlated with the immobility time. [score:4]
MiR-504 expression correlated negatively with DRD1 gene expression and sucrose preference rate in the sucrose preference test, but correlated positively with immobility time in forced swim test. [score:4]
Currently, no direct target of miR-504 on 3′-UTR of DRD2 gene has been identified. [score:4]
Therefore, elevated miR-504 expression may be responsible for the development of stress susceptibility of rodents exposed to MD during early postnatal period. [score:4]
Our findings suggested that the involvement of miR-504 in stress -induced depressive behaviors is not mediated by the regulation of DRD1 expression in the NAc. [score:4]
In contrast, no change in miR-504 expression was observed in the NAc of rats treated with CUS alone. [score:3]
The comparison of miR-504, DRD1 mRNA, DRD1 protein expression among groups in NAc (M±SD). [score:3]
A significant MD×CUS interaction on miR-504 expression (F = 4.38, p<0.05) was observed. [score:3]
A novel finding in this study is that miR-504 expression is significantly associated with depressive behaviors in stressed rats. [score:3]
The expression of miR-504 in non-MD/CUS rats exhibited no significant differences from rats in the other two groups (Table 3). [score:3]
C) Correlation between miR-504 expression and the sucrose preference rate. [score:3]
These findings indicated that if a rat was exposed to CUS alone but did not develop a depression-like phenotype, miR-504, DRD1, and DRD2 expressions were not altered in the NAc. [score:3]
Furthermore, because miR-504 is associated with the X chromosome and only male rats were used in this study, the modulation of DRD1 expression by miR-504 may play a role in the influence of sex on stress. [score:3]
The miR-504 expression in MD rats was significantly higher than that in non-MD rats (p<0.05). [score:3]
Significant main effect of MD (F = 32.48, p<0.05) on miR-504 expression was observed. [score:3]
Quantitative RT-PCR was used to detect DRD1/DRD2 mRNA and miR-504 expression in NAc tissues. [score:3]
D) Correlation between miR-504 expression and the immobility time. [score:3]
The miR-504 expression in MD/CUS rats was significantly higher than that in MD/control rats (post hoc, p<0.05), non-MD/CUS rats (post hoc, p<0.05), or non-MD/control rats (post hoc, p<0.05). [score:3]
Therefore, the observed alterations in miR-504, DRD1, and DRD2 expressions should only be associated with depression-like phenotype. [score:3]
2. Effect of MD on miR-504 and DRD1 Gene Expression in the NAc in Adult Rats. [score:3]
In this study, we demonstrated that miR-504 expression negatively correlated with DRD2 mRNA level, while DRD2 mRNA level positively correlated with its protein level in the NAc. [score:3]
MiR-504 expression in MD/control rats was significantly higher than that in non-MD/control rats (post hoc, p<0.05). [score:2]
In this study, we investigated miR-504 and dopamine receptor D1/D2 expression in the NAc of rats that experienced MD and chronic unpredictable stress (CUS) as well as behavioral consequences of early life MD on CUS exposure during adulthood. [score:1]
Pearson correlation analysis was used to evaluate possible associations between miR-504, DRD1/DRD2 gene expression and stress -induced behavior. [score:1]
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DEX treatment up-regulated the expression of miRNA-483, miRNA-181a-1, miRNA-490 and miRNA-181b-1, while it down-regulated the levels of miR-122, miR-466b, miR-200b, miR-877, miR-296, miRNA-27a and precursor of miR-504. [score:9]
In contrast, dexamethasone down-regulated the expression of several of the miRNAs by more than 1.5 fold, i. e., miR-122 (8.2-fold), miR-466b (2.31-fold), miR-200b (1.9-fold) miR-877 (1.61-fold), miR-296 (1.61-fold)and precursor of miR-504 (1.53-fold) (Fig. 2D ). [score:6]
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MiR-504 mediates expression of the dopamine D1 receptor [26] and miR-26b is reported to negatively regulate brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) expression at post-transcriptional level [27]. [score:6]
Some miRNAs which have been previously reported to be involved in brain disorders and drug abuse, including miR-133b, miR-134, miR-181c, miR-191, miR-22, miR-26b, miR-382, miR-409-3p and miR-504, were found to be changed in their expression following repeated cocaine exposure and subsequent abstinence from cocaine treatment. [score:3]
Other examples include miR-504 and miR-26b. [score:1]
As shown in Figure  3B and Additional file 2, levels of miR-199a-3p, miR-344b-2-3p, miR-465*, miR-504, and miR-877 showed selectively changed in CCA rats (p < 0.05 vs. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: hsa-let-7a-1, hsa-let-7a-2, hsa-let-7a-3, hsa-let-7b, hsa-let-7c, hsa-let-7d, hsa-let-7e, hsa-let-7f-1, hsa-let-7f-2, hsa-mir-15a, hsa-mir-26b, hsa-mir-29a, hsa-mir-30a, hsa-mir-29b-1, hsa-mir-29b-2, hsa-mir-106a, mmu-let-7g, mmu-let-7i, mmu-mir-15b, mmu-mir-29b-1, mmu-mir-30a, mmu-mir-30b, mmu-mir-125a, mmu-mir-125b-2, mmu-mir-130a, mmu-mir-138-2, mmu-mir-181a-2, mmu-mir-182, hsa-mir-30c-2, hsa-mir-30d, mmu-mir-30e, hsa-mir-10a, hsa-mir-34a, hsa-mir-181a-2, hsa-mir-181b-1, hsa-mir-181c, hsa-mir-182, hsa-mir-181a-1, mmu-mir-297a-1, mmu-mir-297a-2, mmu-mir-301a, mmu-mir-34c, mmu-mir-34b, mmu-let-7d, mmu-mir-106a, mmu-mir-106b, hsa-let-7g, hsa-let-7i, hsa-mir-15b, hsa-mir-30b, hsa-mir-125b-1, hsa-mir-130a, hsa-mir-138-2, hsa-mir-125a, hsa-mir-125b-2, hsa-mir-138-1, mmu-mir-30c-1, mmu-mir-30c-2, mmu-mir-30d, mmu-let-7a-1, mmu-let-7a-2, mmu-let-7b, mmu-let-7c-1, mmu-let-7c-2, mmu-let-7e, mmu-let-7f-1, mmu-let-7f-2, mmu-mir-15a, mmu-mir-26b, mmu-mir-29a, mmu-mir-29c, mmu-mir-34a, rno-mir-301a, rno-let-7d, rno-mir-344a-1, mmu-mir-344-1, rno-mir-346, mmu-mir-346, rno-mir-352, hsa-mir-181b-2, mmu-mir-10a, mmu-mir-181a-1, mmu-mir-29b-2, mmu-mir-138-1, mmu-mir-181b-1, mmu-mir-181c, mmu-mir-125b-1, hsa-mir-106b, hsa-mir-29c, hsa-mir-30c-1, hsa-mir-34b, hsa-mir-34c, hsa-mir-301a, hsa-mir-30e, hsa-mir-362, mmu-mir-362, hsa-mir-369, hsa-mir-374a, mmu-mir-181b-2, hsa-mir-346, rno-let-7a-1, rno-let-7a-2, rno-let-7b, rno-let-7c-1, rno-let-7c-2, rno-let-7e, rno-let-7f-1, rno-let-7f-2, rno-let-7i, rno-mir-10a, rno-mir-15b, rno-mir-26b, rno-mir-29b-2, rno-mir-29a, rno-mir-29b-1, rno-mir-29c-1, rno-mir-30c-1, rno-mir-30e, rno-mir-30b, rno-mir-30d, rno-mir-30a, rno-mir-30c-2, rno-mir-34b, rno-mir-34c, rno-mir-34a, rno-mir-106b, rno-mir-125a, rno-mir-125b-1, rno-mir-125b-2, rno-mir-130a, rno-mir-138-2, rno-mir-138-1, rno-mir-181c, rno-mir-181a-2, rno-mir-181b-1, rno-mir-181b-2, rno-mir-181a-1, hsa-mir-449a, mmu-mir-449a, rno-mir-449a, mmu-mir-463, mmu-mir-466a, hsa-mir-483, hsa-mir-493, hsa-mir-181d, hsa-mir-499a, hsa-mir-504, mmu-mir-483, rno-mir-483, mmu-mir-369, rno-mir-493, rno-mir-369, rno-mir-374, hsa-mir-579, hsa-mir-582, hsa-mir-615, hsa-mir-652, hsa-mir-449b, rno-mir-499, hsa-mir-767, hsa-mir-449c, hsa-mir-762, mmu-mir-301b, mmu-mir-374b, mmu-mir-762, mmu-mir-344d-3, mmu-mir-344d-1, mmu-mir-673, mmu-mir-344d-2, mmu-mir-449c, mmu-mir-692-1, mmu-mir-692-2, mmu-mir-669b, mmu-mir-499, mmu-mir-652, mmu-mir-615, mmu-mir-804, mmu-mir-181d, mmu-mir-879, mmu-mir-297a-3, mmu-mir-297a-4, mmu-mir-344-2, mmu-mir-466b-1, mmu-mir-466b-2, mmu-mir-466b-3, mmu-mir-466c-1, mmu-mir-466e, mmu-mir-466f-1, mmu-mir-466f-2, mmu-mir-466f-3, mmu-mir-466g, mmu-mir-466h, mmu-mir-493, mmu-mir-504, mmu-mir-466d, mmu-mir-449b, hsa-mir-374b, hsa-mir-301b, rno-mir-466b-1, rno-mir-466b-2, rno-mir-466c, rno-mir-879, mmu-mir-582, rno-mir-181d, rno-mir-182, rno-mir-301b, rno-mir-463, rno-mir-673, rno-mir-652, mmu-mir-466l, mmu-mir-669k, mmu-mir-466i, mmu-mir-669i, mmu-mir-669h, mmu-mir-466f-4, mmu-mir-466k, mmu-mir-466j, mmu-mir-1193, mmu-mir-767, rno-mir-362, rno-mir-582, rno-mir-615, mmu-mir-3080, mmu-mir-466m, mmu-mir-466o, mmu-mir-466c-2, mmu-mir-466b-4, mmu-mir-466b-5, mmu-mir-466b-6, mmu-mir-466b-7, mmu-mir-466p, mmu-mir-466n, mmu-mir-344e, mmu-mir-344b, mmu-mir-344c, mmu-mir-344g, mmu-mir-344f, mmu-mir-374c, mmu-mir-466b-8, hsa-mir-466, hsa-mir-1193, rno-mir-449c, rno-mir-344b-2, rno-mir-466d, rno-mir-344a-2, rno-mir-1193, rno-mir-344b-1, hsa-mir-374c, hsa-mir-499b, mmu-mir-466q, mmu-mir-344h-1, mmu-mir-344h-2, mmu-mir-344i, rno-mir-344i, rno-mir-344g, mmu-let-7j, mmu-mir-30f, mmu-let-7k, mmu-mir-692-3, rno-let-7g, rno-mir-15a, rno-mir-762, mmu-mir-466c-3, rno-mir-29c-2, rno-mir-29b-3, rno-mir-344b-3, rno-mir-466b-3, rno-mir-466b-4
1Proliferation, Invasion, Tumor suppression [63– 66] miR-344 ↓2.0 ↓3.2 NA miR-346 ↓2.4Proliferation [67, 68] miR-362 ↓2.3Proliferation, Invasion, Apoptosis [69– 76] miR-369 ↓2.8 ↓2.6 ↓2.1Aerobic glycolysis [77] miR-374 ↑3.0 ↓2.2 NA miR-449 ↑2.7 ↑2.4Proliferation [78– 81] miR-463 ↓2.7 NAmiR-466 [°] ↑2.4 ↑2.1 ↓3.5 NA miR-483 ↓3.2Apoptosis [82] miR-493 ↑2.1 ↓2.2Proliferation [83– 85] miR-499a ↓5.0 ↑2.3Proliferation [86] miR-504 ↓2.6 ↑2.0Proliferation, Apoptosis [87, 88] miR-579 ↑2.8 NAmiR-582 [^] ↑2.4Proliferation [89] miR-615 ↓2.1Proliferation, Invasion [90, 91] miR-652 ↑2.4Proliferation, EMT [92, 93] miR-669b ↓2.1 NA miR-669h ↓3.6 ↑2.3 NA miR-669i ↓2.3 NA miR-669k ↓7.2 ↓5. [score:3]
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Fold-changes ranged between a decrease of 0.49-fold (miR-504) and an increase of 1.55-fold (miR-142) relative to the contralateral control dentate gyrus (Figure 2B). [score:1]
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