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2 publications mentioning aae-mir-2941-2

Open access articles that are associated with the species Aedes aegypti and mention the gene name mir-2941-2. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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albopictus and DENV2 infection specifically in the midgut tissue, three miRNAs (miR-2941, miR-989, miR-2943) were differentially expressed [29], the first two also with change in abundance upon ZIKV infection in this study. [score:3]
The abundance of a few miRNAs was altered in more than one time point after ZIKV infection including, aae-miR-309a, aae-miR-308, aae-miR-286b, aae-miR-2941 and aae-miR-989. [score:1]
These include, miR-308-5p, miR-263a-5p, miR-305-5p, miR-989, miR-2941, miR-286b, miR-2946. [score:1]
albopictus DENV2-infected mosquitoes, overlapping differentially abundant miRNAs with ZIKV-infected mosquitoes from this study are miR-2940-3p (depleted in DENV, but enriched in ZIKV), miR-263a-5p (depleted in both), miR-308-5p (enriched in both), miR-989 (depleted in DENV, but enriched in ZIKV), and miR-2941 (depleted in both) [27]. [score:1]
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Deep sequencing results from this study are in agreement with those found in mosquitoes and similar results were found for those miRNA changing levels, i. e. miR-2941, miR-970, miR-989 and miR-210; however, other miRNAs such as miR-2940 or miR-309 showed differences probably due to the nature of the cell line type that we used for our deep sequencing. [score:1]
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