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Open access articles that are associated with the species Gallus gallus and mention the gene name mir-2188. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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These miRNAs were divided into three groups according to their expression levels in the fat broiler line, 4 highly expressed (gga-miR-21, gga-miR-148a, gga-miR-103, gga-miR-101) (2 [-ΔCt] >0.7), 4 moderately expressed (gga-miR-100, gga-miR-146a, gga-miR-92, gga-miR-2188) (0.7>2 [-ΔCt]>0.08), and 7 lowly expressed (gga-miR-1a, gga-miR-130a, gga-miR-221, gga-miR-19a, gga-miR-181b, gga-miR-458, gga-miR-17–3p) (2 [-ΔCt]<0.08) (Table 2). [score:9]
However, among the remaining 12 miRNAs, we found that miR-2188 affects embryonic development in fishes [86, 87]; miR-1306 is related to Alzheimer’s disease by targeting ADAM10 [88]; miR-1684 was differentially expressed in chicken lines selected for necrotic enteritis [89]; miR-1b could be potentially related to immunity genes in insects [90]; no literature was found for the other 8 miRNAs (miR-3535, miR-1434, miR-1805–3p, miR-1551, miR-1563, miR-1653, miR-1416, miR-460a). [score:8]
Four miRNAs significantly differentially expressed between the fat and lean chicken lines detected by deep sequencing were included in the list, i. e. gga-miR-101, gga-miR-2188, gga-miR-1a and gga-miR-17–3p. [score:3]
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These data are in agreement with the average number of sequence reads found in the plasma of R+ and R− animals for gga-miR-2188-5p (average 2.1 million reads), gga-let-7f-5p (average 143000 reads), gga-miR-365-3p (average 4600 reads) and gga-miR-2188-3p (average 1700 reads). [score:1]
Conversely, high significance values were found for all miRNAs (gga-miR-122-5p, gga-miR-2188-3p and gga-let-7f-5p) previously identified as differentially abundant between R+ and R- animals (Line). [score:1]
They are particularly abundant in the lung, and gga-miR-2188-5p is largely predominant across all tissues (Table 2). [score:1]
As part of our validation of the procedure to obtain chicken plasma miRNAs (Figure 1), we profiled four miRNAs (gga-let-7f-5p, gga-miR-365-3p, gga-miR-2188-5p and gga-miR-2188-3p) by RT-qPCR from whole chicken blood, PBMCs, plasma and red cells. [score:1]
These miRNAs were found to be present in plasma at very different levels of abundance, from an average of 397 normalized counts (gga-miR-122-5p) to an average of 2.1 million normalized counts (gga-miR-2188-5p). [score:1]
The mir-2188 gene is absent in the mammalian lineage. [score:1]
The miRNAs were selected among those found differentially abundant in the Condition comparison (gga-miR-204, gga-miR-2188-5p and gga-miR-365-3p), in the Line comparison (gga-miR-2188-3p, and gga-miR-122-5p) or in both (gga-let-7f-5p). [score:1]
However, only the six miRNAs (miR-2954, gga-miR-2188-5p, gga-miR-365-3p, gga-miR-193b-3p, gga-miR-204 and mmu-miR-145a-5p) which compose Cluster 1 are found to be almost three-fold more abundant when concurrently considering R− and R+ animals (Table S2). [score:1]
Both gga-miR-2188-5p and miR-2188-3p are detected in all adult tissues, with the exception of the breast muscle. [score:1]
The most abundant miRNA was miR-2188-5p, which represented 19% of total reads, followed by gga-miR-10b (gga-miR-10b-5p in miRBase v20), gga-miR-10a-5p, and gga-miR-146c-5p, which together represented about 36% of the total reads (13.3%, 13.9% and 9.2% respectively). [score:1]
However, only two (gga-miR-204 and gga-miR-2188-5p) of the four miRNAs that were previously identified as differentially abundant between feeding conditions (Condition) were found to be significant (Figure 5). [score:1]
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Seven (miR-101, miR-10a, miR-10b, miR-1677, let-7f, miR-31, and miR-205b) were expressed at higher levels in layers, and ten (miR-203, miR-200b, miR-16c, miR-15b, miR-15c, miR-460, miR-429, let-7c, miR-2188, and gga-miR-N2) were expressed at higher levels in broilers. [score:5]
However, the majority including one novel miRNAs (gga-miR-N2) and eight known miRNAs (miR-101, miR-15b, miR-15c, miR-1677, miR-200, miR-460, gga-mir-2188 and miR-429) have not been implicated in the regulation of muscle development. [score:3]
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The relative expression of gga-mir-2188, gga-mir-30c-5p and gga-mir-92-3p was significantly (p < 0.01) higher in yolk than in albumen. [score:3]
The equivalent namesake mouse and zebrafish miRNAs of gga-mir-2188, gga-mir-99a-5p and gga-mir-142-3p have been shown to be involved in the development of the vascular system and hematopoiesis in the embryos of mice and zebrafish [15– 17]. [score:2]
These were gga-mir-control, as an endogenous positive control and for calculating relative expression; gga-mir-183, which was not present in either fluid, as an endogenous negative control; gga-mir-2188, gga-mir-30c-5p, gga-mir-215-5p and gga-mir-92-3p all of which were present in both fluids. [score:1]
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Expression patterns of 15 miRNAs identified using RT-PCR agreed with those identified using deep sequencing, miR-101, miR-10a, miR-10b, miR-1677, let-7f, and miR-31 were higher in layers, while miR-200b, let-7c, miR-16c, miR15b, miR-15c, miR460, miR-429, miR-2188, and the novel miR-N2 were higher in broilers. [score:3]
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