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5 publications mentioning bmo-mir-92a

Open access articles that are associated with the species Bombyx mori and mention the gene name mir-92a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Our results show that miRNAs display a wide variety of expression profiles over the whole life of the silkworm, including continuous expression from embryo to adult (miR-184), up-regulation over the entire life cycle (let-7 and miR-100), down-regulation over the entire life cycle (miR-124), expression associated with embryogenesis (miR-29 and miR-92), up-regulation from early 3 [rd ]instar to pupa (miR-275), and complementary pulses in expression between miR-34b and miR-275. [score:18]
Four miRNAs (miR-29b, miR-34b, miR-277, and miR-285) were significantly up-regulated from the spinning larvae to adult stages, and nine (miR-305, miR-275, miR-289, miR-307-3p, miR-274, miR-286, miR-87, miR-315, and miR-92) were significantly down-regulated during this time-course (Additional file 12). [score:7]
miR-29b expression peaked in egg-removed moths, whereas miR-92 expression was maximal in the new pupae of both sexes. [score:5]
Microarray analyses revealed that miR-92 was exclusively expressed at day 6 embryo, late 2 [nd ]molt, and early pupal stages (Figure 1A), but strong expression was confirmed in day 6 embryos only by (Figure 1C). [score:5]
Whole-life analysis revealed that miR-92 expression was restricted to three time-points during the course of development from embryo to moth, and peaked at the day 6 embryo stage (Additional file 4). [score:4]
miR-92 was absent from the early 1 [st], 2 [nd], and 3 [rd ]instar larval stages, but highly expressed in late 1 [st], 2 [nd], and 3 [rd ]instar larvae and late 1 [st], 2 [nd], and 3 [rd ]molt larvae. [score:3]
Seven "early" miRNAs were detected in freshly deposited eggs (including bantam, miR-92, and miR-184-3p), which continued to be expressed until the formation of the synkaryon (6 h Em) (Additional file 5). [score:3]
miR-29b and miR-92 appeared to share similar patterns by whole-life profiling, but the detailed assay revealed evident differences between their expression profiles. [score:2]
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The expression of bmo-miR-92 varied across the 14 developmental stages, highly expressed at five stages—pre-diapaused egg (PDS) (p = 0.0014), diapause-broken egg (BKS) (p = 0.0011), pupa (PS) (p = 0.0017) and PPS with slightly less significance (p = 0.067)—but lower in other stages, and the lowest at diapaused egg (DS) stage (p = 0.035). [score:6]
In addition, dme-miR-92a, the ortholog of bmo-miR-92, was found expressed in the brain primordium and a subset of the ventral nerve cord in Drosophila [42], implying its possible role in regulating brain and nerve development. [score:5]
The relatively low expression of bmo-miR-92 at TAS and bluish egg stage (BS) may be essential for the function of Boceropsin and normal development of stemma. [score:4]
Stage-biased miRNAs, such as bmo-miR-92 at PDS, bmo-miR-10 at NLS and MLS, bmo-miR-iab-4-3p at DS, SS and PS, may play crucial roles in regulating development-related genes. [score:3]
We also found Boceropsin, an important cerebral opsin of silkworms [71], is a potential target of bmo-miR-92. [score:3]
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Among the highly expressed; bantam, miR-184, miR-81, miR-100, miR-92, miR-2766, miR-279 are listed in the top (S1 Table) and these findings are in concurrence with recent reports [19]. [score:3]
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However, the sex-bias of miR-92, miR-79 and miR-10b-3p was in contrast with microarray results. [score:1]
revealed marked individual differences in the levels of miR-92, miR-317, miR-228, miR-79, miR-10b-3p/5p and miR-34b in the gonads (Figure 1D). [score:1]
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Seven families of conserved miRNAs, including four clusters described above (2, 4, 7, and 8), have paralogs in the silkworm genome (mir-2, mir-993, mir-9, mir-92, mir-263, mir-279, and mir-989) (Figure 4). [score:1]
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