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Open access articles that are associated with the species Manihot esculenta and mention the gene name MIR394b. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Surprisingly, some of the miRNAs slicing their targets were confirmed, but being positively correlated with the targets; these miRNA:target pairs included miR156: SPL13b, miR169: NF-YA3 and miR394: APL2/F-box. [score:7]
The second target, SPS2F, maintained a relatively stable expression level at the early stage, but then fell close to zero from 180 DAP to 240 DAP; this suggested that miR394 also negatively regulated SPS2F (Figure  3G). [score:6]
Other miRNA targets that are functional genes included genes that encode the AGPase large subunit 2 (miR394), an F-box protein (miR394), RD19 (miR167), a member of the zinc finger family (miR172), IRX12 (miR397) and two disease resistance proteins (NBS-LRR class; miR396 and −30). [score:5]
In addition, two other miRNAs (miR394 and miR399) targeted APL2 and three sugar and carbohydrate metabolism-related genes (sugar transporter, invertase and carbohydrate transmembrane transporter), which have not been reported in other species. [score:3]
For example, miR394 targets both cassava4.1_021267m (APL2) and cassava4.1_000867m (sucrose phosphate synthase 2F, SPS2F), which are involved in starch biosynthesis. [score:3]
miR394 sliced two targets at different sites with different efficiencies: two slicing events at the 10th nucleotide in the CR and seven events downstream of the CR for F-box mRNA; there were also four slicing events at the 2nd and 14th nucleotides in CR and 14 slicing events upstream or downstream of CR occurred for ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase large subunit 2 (APL2) mRNA. [score:3]
However, given that there was no negative/positive correlation between miR394 and APL2 on the basis of the RNA-seq data in roots among the three Manihot genotypes, the regulation might only have existed in a specific growth stage of cassava storage root. [score:2]
In contrast, an increase in levels of miR394 at 180 DAP, followed by a sustained increase from 210 DAP to 240 DAP, suggested that APL2 was negatively regulated by miR394 at a later stage. [score:2]
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It was possible to confirm predicted target downregulation for other induced conserved miRNA families, including miR394, miR165 and miR171 which target an F-box family protein, an ATHB transcription factor and a scarecrow-like transcription factor, respectively (Figure 3). [score:8]
In some of these cases (miR171, miRE, miR394, miR197b) target expression decreased at 4 days post-inoculation (dpi) and then increased at 8 dpi, but never reached higher expression values than those without inoculation. [score:7]
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Figure 3MiRNA cleavage sites on target genes of miR395, miR394 and half-phased miR171d. [score:3]
Take miRNA394, a conserved plant miRNA, as an example. [score:1]
2, miR394b. [score:1]
A similar phasing pattern was observed on pre-miRNA394 in Arabidopsis and rice (Fig.   1a). [score:1]
Besides the major miR394, a second miRNA-like RNA adjacent to the major miRNA was arranged in phase on pre-miR394 in cassava and castor bean (Fig.   1a). [score:1]
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