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2 publications mentioning eca-mir-744

Open access articles that are associated with the species Equus caballus and mention the gene name mir-744. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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The differentially expressed miR-744 was shown to target TGFβ, thus its downregulation in horses suffering from severe asthma, as shown in this study, likely leads to increased levels of TGFβ [86]. [score:8]
Hence, upregulation of miR-103 and miR-107 as well as downregulation of miR-744 in asthmatic horses highlight a potential role of this miRNA network in chronic inflammatory conditions. [score:7]
This study reported a deregulation of the cell cycle characterized by an upregulation of various miR-15/16 members, including miR-103 and miR-107a, as well as a downregulation of miR-744. [score:6]
Using DESeq2, we identified 11 miRNAs as statistically significant DEmiRs after accounting for the level of hemolysis: eca-miR-128, eca-miR-744, eca-miR-197, eca-miR-103 and the closely related eca-miR-107a, eca-miR-30d, eca-miR-140-3p, eca-miR-7, eca-miR-361-3p, eca-miR-148b-3p and eca-miR-215. [score:1]
The analysis with the tool edgeR showed following differenced in contrast to the analysis with DESeq2: four miRNAs were not significantly affected by the level of hemolysis (eca-miR-744, eca-miR-128, eca-miR-28-3p and eca-miR-125a-5p) and additionally five significantly affected miRNAs were reported: eca-miR-423-5p, eca-let-7g, eca-miR-19b, eca-miR-425, eca-miR-7177b (Table S6). [score:1]
Additionally, a modulated cytokine profile towards the IL6 and TGFβ side caused by decreased levels of miR-128 and miR-197, as well as increased levels of miR-744 positively affect the maturation of T cells towards the Th17 side. [score:1]
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The four novel miRNAs identified by miRdentify partially overlapped with known miRNAs: the ecaub_novel-miR-1175 was only two nucleotides shorter than eca-mir-744, ecaub_novel-mir-1176 overlapped the position of an Ensembl predicted ENSECAG00000025869, whereas the ecaub_novel-mir-1177 was identified on the opposite strand of the eca-mir-486, and ecaub_novel-mir-1778 was located in the region of another Ensembl predicted ENSECAG00000026103. [score:1]
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