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Open access articles that are associated with the species Capra hircus and mention the gene name mir-145. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Of the 29, miR-10b, miR-125b, and miR-145 were down-regulated, while miR-21 and miR-155 were up-regulated [6]. [score:7]
The results demonstrate that circulating RNA, including endogenous GAPDH mRNA and spiked-in cel-miR-39 and has-miR-145, can be efficiently extracted and amplified from serum. [score:1]
Figure 2There was linear recovery (slope = -3.0) of the miR-39 and miR-145 at concentrations equal to and greater than 10 [-1]pg/400 μL serum. [score:1]
Either 10 [5], 10 [3], 10, 10 [-1], or 0 pg of single stranded cel-miR-39 and has-miR-145 synthesized by Invitrogen (Carlsbad, CA 92008) were spiked into 400 μL of both goat serum (Abcam, Cambridge, MA) and 10 year old archived human serum collected from a single subject. [score:1]
Figure 1Different quantities (10 [5], 10 [3], 10, 10 [-1], and 0 pg) of cel-miR-39 (blue curves) and has-miR-145 (red curves) inputs led to similar corresponding Ct values of 19.2, 25.8, 32.4, 37.10 and undetectable, respectively. [score:1]
Decreasing inputs of single-strand cel-miR-39 and has-miR-145 (10 [5], 10 [3], 10, 10 [-1 ]and 0 pg) added to each sample (Figures 1 and 2) led to the corresponding mean Ct values (19.2, 25.8, 32.4, 37.1 and 38.7), respectively, with similar values for cel-39 and has-145. [score:1]
The Ct values (Figure 3) for endogenous GAPDH mRNA in the serial serum samples to which has-miR-145 was spiked in were approximately 35. [score:1]
Figure 3 The Ct value for endogenous GAPDH mRNA in each of the serial human serum samples to which miR-145 was spiked in was approximately 35. [score:1]
We were able to increase our miRNA recovery by 1) extending the incubation and binding time from four to 10 minutes, and 2) increasing the ratio of isopropanol to wash buffer # 1 in the kit from 1:2 to 1:1. RT and qPCR kits made specifically for accurate miRNA analysis (Applied Biosystems) were used to evaluate expression of the following miRNAs from serum samples: cel-miR-39, has-miR-16, miR-145 and miR-155. [score:1]
To test our RNA extraction efficiency while minimizing possible interference from endogenous RNA, we used a 10 year old human serum sample and goat serum, to which cel-miR-39 and has-miR-145 were concurrently spiked in. [score:1]
The Ct value of 37.1 obtained using the most dilute sample (10 [-1 ]pg) was slightly lower than background of 38.7, indicating that the level of endogenous miR-145 in the human serum to which the synthetic single stranded miR-145 mimic was spiked in was very low, and therefore unlikely to have influenced the amplification of the synthesized miR-145. [score:1]
To test our RNA extraction efficiency, we spiked-in serial dilutions of single-strand C elegens miR-39 (cel-miR-39) and human miR-145 (has-miR-145) into goat serum and a 10 year old human serum specimen. [score:1]
We first tested if spiked-in cel-miR-39 and has-miR-145 were detectable in a 10 year old human serum and a goat serum specimen. [score:1]
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Currently researches about the development regulation of follicular miRNA has made advancement, and a number of functions miRNA in the development of luteum were identified, such as expression of miR-125b in granulosa cells, ensheathing cells and corpus luteum, which target gene is LIF, the expression of miR-145 in sheath cells and luteum, which target gene is CDKN1A, and expression of miR-199a-3pin sheath cells and luteal, which target gene is PTGS2 (McBride et al. 2012). [score:16]
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For example, miR-29c, the miR-34 family, miR-143, miR-145 and miR-9 are downregulated in NPC, leading to increased expression of their target genes which influence the function and synthesis of extracellular matrix proteins, which in turn affects tumor invasion and metastasis, and activates the TGF-Wnt, IP3 and VEGF signaling pathways [44, 45]. [score:8]
However, in this study we identified that serine/threonine-protein kinase B-raf (BRAF) as chi- miR-133a-3p, chi-miR-145-5p, chi-miR-146a/200a and two novel miRNA (NC-022308.1-260、NC-022294.1-874) target gene which acts upstream regulatory factor in RAS-RAF-MEK-ERK. [score:4]
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Deep sequencing results revealed that they were highly expressed in the goat rumen, although the expression of miR-145 was significantly lower than that of miR-143 in both E60 and E135, which may be caused by post-transcriptional regulation. [score:6]
miR-143 and miR-145 are co-expressed miRNAs that are not expressed in colonic epithelial tissue (Kent et al., 2014). [score:5]
A total of 11 miRNAs are listed in the top 10 of the two libraries, of which 9 (except miR-7-5p and miR-145-5p) are found in both libraries (Table 3). [score:1]
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In addition, the comparison of miRNA expression across the four developmental stages of the mammary gland revealed that several miRNAs exhibited a gradual increase (such as miR-451 and −2478) or decrease (such as miR-145, −222 and −128), indicating that these miRNAs may play important regulatory roles in the dairy goat mammary gland. [score:5]
Moreover, the expression of miR-145, −222 and −128 gradually increased over the four developmental stages (Figure 3). [score:4]
Furthermore, miR-145 and miR-181b were expressed at low levels in all tissues except for the mammary gland. [score:3]
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In addition, miR-145 suppresses embryo-epithelial juxtacrine communication in the procession of embryo attachment by modulating the expression levels of IGF1R in endometria during WOI [11]. [score:5]
miR-145 suppresses embryo-epithelial juxtacrine communication at implantation by modulating maternal IGF1R. [score:3]
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Moreover, miR-143 and miR-145, are highly expressed in adipose tissue, and are also abundantly expressed in the goat mammary glands as well, suggesting the same regulatory function of some miRNAs in mammary glands and adipose tissue. [score:6]
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In the present study high levels of expression of miR-10b, miR-125b, miR-143, miR145, miR199b, miR21 and miR-99a were recorded in the ovary. [score:3]
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