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3 publications mentioning aga-mir-2944a-1

Open access articles that are associated with the species Anopheles gambiae and mention the gene name mir-2944a-1. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Enrichment analysis of Gene Ontology (GO) terms suggested that the putative targets of the miR-309/miR-2944/miR-286 cluster were primarily involved in development and various metabolic processes (Supplementary Fig.   10). [score:4]
aegypti miRNAs reported a similar increase in the expression of the miR-309/miR-2944/miR-286 cluster in the fat body at 24–48 h after a blood meal [5]. [score:3]
The six miRNAs showing enhanced expression were all from the miR-309/miR-2944/miR-286 cluster on chromosome 3 R and its fragmented duplication on chromosome 2 L, which contains only mir-2944a and mir-286b [3]. [score:3]
Inhibition of miR-2944 and miR-286 by their cognate antagomirs was verified by qRT-PCR, but clear phenotypic change has not yet been observed. [score:3]
Among the miRNAs showing enhanced integration into Ago1 after blood feeding were the miR-309/miR-2944/miR-286 cluster. [score:1]
Using this approach, we found that miRNAs originating from the miR-309/miR-2944/miR-286 cluster increased their loading on Ago1 and Ago2 after blood ingestion. [score:1]
After blood feeding, the miR-309/miR-2944/miR-286 cluster exhibited a considerable increase in their association with Ago1 and Ago2 as well as an increase in total cellular levels (Fig.   4B, Supplementary Fig.   S9). [score:1]
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Interestingly, we identified a fragmented duplication of the mir-2944/mir-309/mir-286 cluster, which included only mir-2944a/mir-286 and lacked mir-309. [score:1]
Although clustering of mir-2944/mir-309/mir-286 was conserved between A. gambiae and Ae. [score:1]
Moreover, mir-2944 identified in this study was represented by three homologous genes: mir-2944a-1/-2 and mir-2944b (Table  1). [score:1]
Other examples are the newly described mir-2944a and mir-2944b, which formed a cluster with the previously annotated mir-309 and mir-286 (Figure  5C). [score:1]
aegypti, the fragmented cluster contains only mir-286 and mir-309, lacking mir-2944. [score:1]
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quinquefasciatus miRNAs, miR-317, miR-252, miR-276, miR-190, miR-981, and miR-2944, arise from at least two possible hairpin precursors (Table 2). [score:1]
miR-2944a/b is present at low levels in Cx. [score:1]
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