miRBase entry: dme-mir-7

Stem-loop dme-mir-7

Drosophila melanogaster dme-mir-7 precursor miRNA
Gene family
MIPF0000022; mir-7

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Dme-mir-7 is a specific miRNA assay control for Drosophila melanogaster (D. melanogaster) [PMC6224079]. It was used in a pilot run to confirm the absence of plant/insect miRNA contamination and unspecific amplifications in serum samples [PMC6224079]. Dme-mir-7 was also included in a Taqman Low-Density Array (TLDA) card for qPCR analysis of mature human miRNAs [PMC6224079]. In a study comparing different miRNAs, dme-mir-7 was found to have 5325 recovered regions, with the SBM method returning 28 [PMC2365947]. The dme-mir-7 results showed an average of 273 sequences scoring equal to or better than the left-out sequences and an average of 8868 sequences scoring at least as high as the validated target using miRanda [PMC2365947]. In another study, dme-mir-7 was used as a spike-in RNA for RNA isolation and reverse transcription in serum samples [PMC8615628]. It was also found to be significantly down-regulated in SSc-A-MSCs compared to HC-A-MSCs, with a fold change less than 0.5 [PMC6509164]. The cDNA synthesized from total RNA using dme-mir-7 RT-primer was used for TaqMan MicroRNA Assay analysis [PMC4273950].

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501109 reads, 4215 reads per million, 49 experiments

        u     U       U  U     U      uggu u 
gagugcau ccgua GGAAGAC AG GAUUU GUUGUu    c u
|||||||| ||||| ||||||| || ||||| ||||||    |  
uuuacgug ggcAU UCUUCUG UC CUAAA UAACaa    g u
        c     -       U  C     -      uaau g 

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Stark et al. [2] have identified targets for miR-7 in Drosophila using computational prediction followed by experimental validation. miR-7 regulates a family of Notch targets including the Enhancer of split and Bearded complex genes Tom and m4, and the basic helix-loop-helix transcriptional repressors HLHm3 and hairy.

Genome context
chr2R: 20606067-20606154 [+]

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Mature dme-miR-7-5p

Accession MIMAT0000112
Description Drosophila melanogaster dme-miR-7-5p mature miRNA
Evidence experimental
cloned [1,4], Northern [1,3-4], 454 [5-6], Illumina [6]
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Mature dme-miR-7-3p

Accession MIMAT0020790
Description Drosophila melanogaster dme-miR-7-3p mature miRNA
Evidence not_experimental
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