miRBase entry: mmu-mir-31

Stem-loop mmu-mir-31

MGI: Mir31
Mus musculus mmu-mir-31 precursor miRNA
Gene family
MIPF0000064; mir-31

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Mmu-mir-31 is a microRNA that is expressed in mice and is upregulated in response to M. bovis BCG infection [PMC4097432]. It has been found to have different isoforms, such as hsa-miR-31, ptr-miR-31, and mmu-mir-31, which have slight variations in their sequences [PMC3759948]. Mmu-mir-31 is one of the top miRNAs enriched in the mammary glands of pubertal mice and is expressed in all stages of development [PMC8944794]. It has been studied using microRNA real-time PCR amplification with TaqMan assays [PMC3510057]. Mmu-mir-31 has been used to generate transgenic mice for research purposes [PMC5648844]. The transcription start site for mmu-mir-31 has been determined using RNA sequencing data [PMC6291424]. The expression of mmu-mir-31 has been found to be upregulated in certain cells, such as Th1 cells and CD8+ T cells, and it plays a role in T cell dysfunction and exhaustion [PMC8602903]. Mmu-mir-31 has also been studied in the context of obesity, but its expression was not consistently found to be downregulated [PMC6001404][PMC3742134[PMC3742134]. It has been shown to regulate the expression of various target genes involved in different biological processes [PMC3742134][PMC4077261][PMC7926522][PMC8602903][PMC3692539[PMC4077261][PMC7926522][PMC8602903][PMC3692539].

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u   c   uaac     a u       A     G   C         -U   gaa 
 gcu cug    ucgga c ggagagg GGCAA AUG UGGCAUAGC  Guu   c
 ||| |||    ||||| | ||||||| ||||| ||| |||||||||  |||    
 cga gac    agucu g ccuuuCU CCGUU UAC ACCGUAUCG  caa   u
u   c   ----     - u       A     A   A         Uc   gag 

Annotation confidence High
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Genome context
chr4: 88910557-88910662 [-]

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Mature mmu-miR-31-5p

Accession MIMAT0000538
Description Mus musculus mmu-miR-31-5p mature miRNA
Evidence experimental
cloned [1-2], Illumina [3-4]
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Mature mmu-miR-31-3p

Accession MIMAT0004634
Description Mus musculus mmu-miR-31-3p mature miRNA
Evidence experimental
cloned [2], Illumina [3-4]
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