miRBase entry: hsa-mir-429

Stem-loop hsa-mir-429

Homo sapiens hsa-mir-429 precursor miRNA
Gene family
MIPF0000019; mir-8

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MIR429 is a microRNA that has been previously reported along with MIR200A, MIR200B, MIR200C, and MIR25 [PMC6701281]. It has been found to regulate the proliferation and invasion of endometrial, prostate, and breast carcinoma [PMC9866967].

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194 open access papers mention hsa-mir-429
(660 sentences)


33901 reads, 318 reads per million, 96 experiments

cgc    c        -uc          ug       cugg 
   cggc gaugggcg   uuaccagaca  guuagac    c
   |||| ||||||||   ||||||||||  |||||||     
   gucg cuaccUGC   AAUGGUCUGU  UAAUcug    c
--c    c        CAA          CA       ucuc 

Annotation confidence High
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Xie et al. [1] refer to this sequence by the internal identifier MIR201. The sequence is unrelated to mouse mir-201 (MIR:MI0000244).

Genome context
chr1: 1169005-1169087 [+]
Clustered miRNAs
2 other miRNAs are < 10 kb from hsa-mir-429
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Disease association
hsa-mir-429 is associated with one or more human diseases in the Human microRNA Disease Database
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Mature hsa-miR-429

Accession MIMAT0001536
Description Homo sapiens hsa-miR-429 mature miRNA
Evidence experimental
cloned [1-4]
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