miRBase entry: bta-mir-2284d

Stem-loop bta-mir-2284d

Bos taurus bta-mir-2284d precursor miRNA
Gene family
MIPF0000747; mir-2284

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Bta-mir-2284d is a bovine-specific miRNA that has been identified in several bovine miRNA studies, but its function is still limited [PMC7959717]. In the distal jejunum, the DE gene F3 (also called TF) has been reported to be involved in recruiting leukocytes in the intestine of mice, while the PTGS2 gene (also called COX2) has been suggested to promote humoral immune responses [PMC7959717]. In the duodenum, two target transcripts negatively correlated with bta-mir-2284d, MYC and NLK, were associated with lymphoid tissue structure and development [PMC7959717]. The negatively correlated target transcripts of bta-mir-2284d in distal jejunum were enriched for hematological system development and function [PMC7959717'>PMC7959717'>PMC7959717'>PMC7959717]. Bta-mir-2284d is down-regulated in multiple intestinal regions of super-shedding cattle (SS), including the distal jejunum and recto-anal junction (RAJ), suggesting its potential role in altering lipid metabolism and immune functions [PMC7959717]. Bta-miR-378b is down-regulated in all regions of SS, while bta-miR-2284j is down-regulated in multiple regions including duodenum, distal jejunum, cecum, spiral colon, and RAJ [PMC7959717]. Bta-miR-99a-5p is up-regulated in the proximal and distal jejunum of SS cattle [PMC7959717]. The down-regulation of bta-mir-2284d was observed not only in the small intestine but also in the large intestine of SS cattle [PMC7959717].

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  a    ac     A   C   A          ucaag 
ug guug  cAAAA GUU GUU GGGUUUUUCu     c
|| ||||  ||||| ||| ||| ||||||||||      
ac caac  guuuu caa caa cucaaaaggg     u
  c    cu     c   a   g          cauuc 

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Genome context
chr15: 43745466-43745543 [-]

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Mature bta-miR-2284d

Accession MIMAT0011836
Description Bos taurus bta-miR-2284d mature miRNA
Evidence experimental
Illumina [1]


  1. PubMed ID: 19633723
    Repertoire of bovine miRNA and miRNA-like small regulatory RNAs expressed upon viral infection
    Glazov EA, Kongsuwan K, Assavalapsakul W, Horwood PF, Mitter N, Mahony TJ
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