miRBase entry: hsa-mir-27b

Stem-loop hsa-mir-27b

Homo sapiens hsa-mir-27b precursor miRNA
Gene family
MIPF0000036; mir-27

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MIR27B is a microRNA that has been implicated in various biological processes and diseases [PMC5933288]. It has been found to play a role in thymic involution, with Wnt4 acting as a key inhibitor [PMC5933288]. In breast cancer, the reduction of MIR27B induced by CCL18 promotes invasion and migration of cancer cells [PMC4653020]. In patients with temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), several miRNA families and clusters, including MIR27B, were found to be differentially methylated compared to controls [PMC9700089]. Additionally, MIR27B, along with miR-101 and miR-128, has been shown to downregulate VEGFC expression and suppress tumor growth, metastasis, invasion, migration, and angiogenesis in gastric cancer, bladder cancer, and hepatocellular carcinoma [PMC7780026]. Furthermore, it is suggested that MIR27B could directly regulate HIV-1 transcription [PMC3697138].

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-    -    aaca                 G    G       ugau   u 
 accu cucu    aggugcAGAGCUUAGCU AUUG UGAACag    ugg  
 |||| ||||    ||||||||||||||||| |||| |||||||    ||| u
 ugga gaga    uccaCGUCUUGAAUCGG UGAC ACUUguu    gcc  
g    a    --ag                 -    -       --uc   u 

Annotation confidence High
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Lagos-Quintana et al. determined the expression of miR-27b in mouse [1] - a human sequence was predicted based on homology. Michael et al. subsequently verified the expression of this miRNA in human cells [2].

Genome context
chr9: 95085445-95085541 [+]
Clustered miRNAs
3 other miRNAs are < 10 kb from hsa-mir-27b
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Disease association
hsa-mir-27b is associated with one or more human diseases in the Human microRNA Disease Database
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Mature hsa-miR-27b-5p

Accession MIMAT0004588
Description Homo sapiens hsa-miR-27b-5p mature miRNA
Evidence experimental
cloned [4-5]
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Mature hsa-miR-27b-3p

Accession MIMAT0000419
Description Homo sapiens hsa-miR-27b-3p mature miRNA
Evidence experimental
cloned [2-5]
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