miRBase entry: 19889786

Identification of viral microRNAs expressed in human sacral ganglia latently infected with herpes simplex virus 2

PubMed ID 19889786
Authors "Umbach JL, Wang K, Tang S, Krause PR, Mont EK, Cohen JI, Cullen BR"
Journal "J Virol
Volume 84
Pages 1189-1192

There are 5 miRNAs associated with this paper:
Name Accession RPM Chromosome Start End Strand Confidence
hsv2-mir-H3 MI0010692 None None None -
hsv2-mir-H4 MI0010693 None None None -
hsv2-mir-H7 MI0013558 None None None -
hsv2-mir-H9 MI0013559 None None None -
hsv2-miR-H10 MI0013560 None None None -